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    What are the basic features and cost of Gaana Clone Application Development?

    Amit Shukla

    Have you really ever remembered the old memory of listening to a particular song? Yes, right, huh? Each of us has a popular song that contributes to our favorite list right from the particular moment we actually hear it. Music is that kind of thing that captivates our hearts and makes us actually feel better whenever we are down. In earlier days, people were listening to radio and TV albums. Days have grown, so has the music industry.

    Music streaming applications like Gaana, Spotify, and more are introduced on the marketplace to feed the basic souls of music lovers. These particular apps list different kinds of music mostly from artists all over the world. People basically flock to these music listening sites as they can quickly listen to the music anywhere and anytime.

    Enter this vibrant culture by launching your own streaming music site with our Gaana Clone white-label software. Please communicate with us now for more information.

    Creation of flexible audio streaming app

    The Gaana Clone

    On the demand Audio Streaming launching a state-of-the-art audio streaming solution on various channels. User-friendly graphical interface, captivating content, and successful distribution channels will help attract more customers to the app, contributing to improved sales.

    Audio live broadcasting Solution Create a radio listening site to stream the live audio for some talk shows, sports events, and more. Give immersive material to your viewers when watching your show. Our approach provides empirical results for understanding the total market trends now for basically providing the best user experience.

    Podcast Streaming Solution Our own Gaana clone can be tailored to a new podcast streaming site where regular users can actually listen to and otherwise download podcasts if desired. Earn stable revenue from the engaged customer base by introducing sustainable monetization models.

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    Different Forms of Music Subscription Platforms

    You can send it with Gaana Clone

    Build a server-driven music library and encourage your users to actually access content for free or even regular subscriptions, based solely on your own monetization strategy.

    Cloud Storage actually enables the users for storing and streaming their favorite songs in the cloud whenever they want.

    Features of the Gaana Clone Solution

    Build a Playlist

    Users will create their best playlists and add music that they value to their best playlists. They should listen to them any time they want to.

    Mark’s Favorites

    Users should pick chosen songs as their favorites so that they can have easy access to them whenever needed.

    Downloads of Song

    Users should import songs to their computers so that they can easily list them without running the app.

    History of the album

    Users can browse the recently played hit songs for quick access in this portion of the app.

    Offline Access Users can indeed listen once again to their favorite songs even though they are offline by using this particularly advanced feature. Usually, 5000USD to 20,000 USD is the charge for making this kind of application at NBT solutions and the Hourly Rate is 15USD to 20 USD.

    Social Network Share

    Users can easily share their favorite songs with their own family members and even friends through social media sites directly somewhat from that app.

    Suggested ideas

    Based on an overview of the user’s history of further songs, suggestions for songs that fit their music tastes will be given.

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