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Have you ever been reminded of an old memory while listening to a particular song? Is not that correct? Every one of us now has our favourite song which we probably add to our playlist the moment when we just hear it. Music usually captivates our hearts and perhaps makes us feel much better whenever we are down. People used to listen to music on the radio and somehow on television. As the years passed, so actually did the pop industry.

Music streaming mobile apps such as Gaana, Spotify, and others are being introduced to the marketplace for feeding the souls of music fans. All these mobile apps feature a wide range of music mostly from artists all over the whole world. People are flocking to these kind of music streaming platforms so they can somehow listen to music immediately and from any location. Join this vibrant community by just launching your particular music streaming public platform using our Gaana clone mobile app. Please contact us for more information.

Various Types Of Music Streaming Services
You Can Provide With Gaana Clone

Music Store

Create particularly a server-based music library and otherwise offer your own users access further to the whole content for free or otherwise on a monthly subscription basis, depending on your monetization approach.

Cloud Storage
Cloud Space

Allow people to save their favourite songs somehow to the cloud service and listen to them whenever they want.

Radio Stations
Radio Stations

Music mostly from the radio stations can be further streamed live on a variety of devices, including the mobile phones, PCs, and others.

Main Features Of Our Gaana Clone

Support Multiple Devices
Support Multiple

Limitless Uploads






Download Offline

Support Multiple

In-app Adverts

CMS Portal

CMS Portal

Complete Audio Streaming App Development
With Gaana Clone

Audio Streaming

On-appeal Audio Streaming

Launch an advanced audio streaming solution across several platforms. A user-friendly new interface, enticing content and efficient distribution methods would help you attract more people to your own app, resulting in increased revenue.

Audio Broadcasting

Quick Solutions on Audio Broadcasting

Create instead a radio streaming platform for broadcasting live audio from talk shows, sports events, and other events. While your show is being streamed, provide engaging content for your viewers. Our solution creates analytical reports to help you understand the market patterns and provide a better user experience.


Podcast Streaming

Our Gaana clone really can be personalized to function as a particular podcast streaming platform, allowing the users of NBT for listening to and perhaps download podcasts as needed. Earn consistent revenue from your own active user base instead by introducing long-term monetization strategies.

Gaana Clone-app-screen-01

Key Benefits Of Our Gaana Clone Solution

Sign Up-1
Safely Sign Up/Login

Users should sign up for the mobile app using their own phone numbers, email addresses, or otherwise social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Create Playlists-1

Users at NBT should make their own custom playlists and perhaps add their favourite songs to them. They can indeed listen to them pretty much whenever they like this way.

Mark Favorites-1
Add Favorites

Users should mark preferred choice songs as either favourites so that they can quickly access them whenever needed.

Song Downloads-1
Download Songs

Users of NBT can indeed download the new songs once again to their smart phones and list all of them without having to use the phone app.

Song History-1
Recent Songs History

In this particular section of the application, users can indeed view the most recently played tracks for quick access.

Offline Access-1
Access Offline

Using this particular advanced feature, users can indeed listen to their own favourite songs even though they are not connected to the internet.

Share on Social Media-1
Social Media Sharing

Users can somehow share their own favourite songs with their own family and perhaps friends directly from that application through social media platforms.


Based solely an analysis of the total users’ song history, specific recommendations for songs which match their particular music preferences also will be given.

Trending Tracks-1
Trending Songs

In this section of the application, users can easily view top trending songs at the particular specified time.

In-app Alerts-1
Pust Notification

Push notifications can notify users about the trending songs, songs which are recently released, application updates, and other information.

Process Payments-1
Process Payments

If users choose to access perhaps the paid version of the application or some of the advanced features, they will pay the administrator using the app’s various payment options.

Support Multi Languages

Users should adapt the language of the app to suit their needs. It enables company owners to expand their operations internationally.

Reviews & Ratings-1
Reviews & Ratings

There are many some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don’t look even slightly believable.

Support Section-1
Customer Support

Users should contact the supporting team at any particular time of day if somehow they encounter any problems while using the mobile app.

Browse Music-1
Advanced Search

Users can find their absolute favourite playlists or otherwise songs by using the application’s search feature. They can easily browse songs based totally on the genres, albums, artists and otherwise many more.

Music streaming software that supports various functionalities

100% Customizable
Easily Customizable

Our Gaana clone application is a pre-built solution with fully customizable features and perhaps income models. You can easily personalize them for meeting your needs and provide a better app experience.


The mobile app we created at NBT is a white-label solution which allows you to actually rebrand your logo and some other branding elements in order to launch a one-of-a-kind audio streaming platform.

fast delivery
Rapid Content Delivery

You can somehow stream the music files mostly from the quickest server by introducing a secure and trustworthy distribution strategy and otherwise expanding your own streaming platform’s delivery network.

Reliable CMS

To provide an efficient music streaming service, all of the music files are safely stored in a fully integrated music library system. It ensures the dependability and efficiency of your own business.

Cloud Storage

You can somehow store your own music library in the particular cloud service or on a server based on your company needs and otherwise stream it directly to your customers, providing an unrivalled streaming service.


You can use the platform for uploading and converting a music file from one format to the other in the cloud or the server without just any of the delay, along with having the unlimited scalability.

Steps To Monetize Gaana Clone Solution

Free Version

To reach a larger user base, make the application’s basic features available for free. Simply allow users for obtaining access to the premium application features, however still, by charging a fee.

Subscription Model-2
Paid Subscription

Allow users for accessing your own music streaming platform mostly by paying just a monthly or annual subscription fee. It is a consistent source of revenue for your Smartphone or otherwise web application.


Display advertisements from third-party companies on your own platform and otherwise charge advertising fees based solely on a variety of parameters such as with click through rate, actual cost per each impression, and much more. It is an excellent way to achieve a consistent income.

Promotional Fee

Allow musicians to release their particular music on your own music streaming media platform. Collect instead a fixed amount as a specific promotional fee to somehow feature them upon your own platform’s visible section.

Why Choose NBT As Your Music Streaming
App Development Partner?

Multi-format Support-2
Support Various Formats

Our particular music streaming platform supports all of the music file formats, allowing you to somehow stream an unlimited number of songs in various formats ranging mostly from MP3 instead to WAV. It saves you particularly a lot of time actually by stopping you from having to convert some files from one standard format to the other for fitting your platform.

Multi-device Support-3
Compatible on Any Device

Our Gaana clone application solution is compatible with any of the personal digital assistant device. Our technically advanced solution to cover all platforms, including PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Live Broadcast
Live Telecast

You can indeed stream the audio content mostly from your own music library as well as live music sessions such as gigs, local radio room chats, recording sessions, and much more.

In-built CMS

The mobile app we created contains a built-in content management system which allows you for managing all of your own music content in real time. The strong admin dashboard allows you to publish all these particular files and otherwise manage all processes.

Multilingual, Multi-Currency
Multilanguage, Multi-Currency

Our particular music streaming platform is available in a variety of languages now for your own users to use. They will modify the settings to suit their needs. They can also use the app’s different payment options for paying in their local currency.

Agile Technology
Swift Technology

Our team works hard to develop your own music streaming platform using cutting-edge technology to ensure that it runs smoothly. We assure that the back-end is strong enough to further support all of your app’s functions.

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Storage

You can easily upload perhaps an unlimited number of such audio files or tracks to your own platform. Unlimited storage space, user’s access, and otherwise transactions are supported by the application.

Geo Block
Geo Block

You are indeed the application’s sole owner, and otherwise you have total control now over the mobile platform. You can indeed geo-block your own content in the countries which you serve based on your own business needs.

Technology Stack Driven in our Gaana Clone App


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have the option of creating your own app from scratch or customizing a pre-built music streaming possible solution. We recommend that you go with the latter because it allows you to launch a completely functional application somewhere in the shortest amount of time at the most inexpensive price. You can tailor the particular readily available solution either to your specific business needs and otherwise branding requirements. Following customization options, the fully designed application is released on all major application platforms for easier operation.

You can indeed generate income from your own platform in a variety of ways, depending on your own business needs, such as:

– Subscription-based model

– Freemium-based model

– Promotional cost

– Fee for in-app advertisement

Without a doubt. We however do consider signing a Non-disclosure Agreement after you join us to ensure that your own application concept is completely safe with us.

True. For a short time after the launch, we will provide free technical support. This possible way, you can indeed run your company smoothly. After this time, you will take advantage of our reasonably priced paid maintenance support.

Contact our customer service team by phone ————-, email address ————-, or live chat upon our official website. They will walk you through the whole process, answer your questions, and get you started right away.

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