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    Web Application Development

    Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. Examples of web applications are social networking sites like Facebook or e-commerce sites like Amazon.

    What is HTML ???

    HTML is used for creating web pages and web applications. With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript, it forms a triad of cornerstone technologies for the World Wide Web. Web browsers receive HTML documents from a web server or from local storage and render them into multimedia web pages. HTML describes the structure of a webpage semantically and originally included cues for the appearance of the document.

    HTML Elements:

    An HTML element is an individual component of an HTML document or web page, once this has been parsed into the Document Object Model. HTML is composed of a tree of HTML nodes, such as text nodes. Each node can have HTML attributes specified. Node scan also has content, including other nodes and text. Many HTML nodes represent semantics or meaning. For example, the title node represents the title of the document.


    CSS handles the look and feel part of a web page. Using CSS, you can control the color of the text, the style of fonts, the spacing between paragraphs, how columns are sized and laid out, what background images or colors are used, layout designs, variations in display for different devices, and screen sizes as well as a variety of other effects.
    CSS is easy to learn and understand but it provides powerful control over the presentation of an HTML document. Most commonly, CSS is combined with the markup languages HTML or XHTML.

    Advantages of CSS

    -Superior styles to HTML − CSS has a much wider array of attributes than HTML, so you can give a far better look to your HTML page in comparison to HTML attributes.
    -CSS saves time − You can write CSS once and then reuse the same sheet in multiple HTML pages. You can define a style for each HTML element and apply it to as many Web pages as you want.
    -Pages load faster − If you are using CSS, you do not need to write HTML tag attributes every time. Just write one CSS rule of a tag and apply it to all the occurrences of that tag. So less code means faster download times.
    -Easy maintenance − To make a global change, simply change the style, and all elements in all the web pages will be updated automatically.
    -Multiple Device Compatibility − Style sheets allow content to be optimized for more than one type of device. By using the same HTML document, different versions of a website can be presented for handheld devices such as PDAs and cell phones or for printing.
    -Global web standards − Now HTML attributes are being deprecated and it is being recommended to use CSS. So it’s a good idea to start using CSS in all the HTML pages to make them compatible with future browsers.

    PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. The PHP programming language is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language. The PHP language runs on the server-side. This means that the execution (read starting) of the scripts is done on the server where the website is hosted. HTML embedded means that you can use PHP statements (read a piece of PHP code) from within an HTML code. PHP files are returned to the browser as plain HTML. Because PHP is an HTML embedded language you should have a basic understanding of HTML/XHTML and (a little) JavaScript.

    Advantage of PHP

    -PHP is a server-side scripting language.
    -PHP is free and is an open-source software product.
    -The PHP scripts are executed on the server.
    -PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, and many others.)
    -PHP runs on different platforms (UNIX, Linux, Windows).
    -PHP is compatible with almost all web servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.)
    -A PHP file can contain plain text, HTML tags, and scripts.

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