Ways to track user behavior of your mobile application

Ways to track user behavior of your mobile application


How hard it is to be familiar with the performance of users on your app. Yes, users are playful and elusive creatures, who abandon an app with the flick of a finger, the slightest glitch, the slightest load delay too long, and that’s the end of the road for you and your app.

So, let’s face it; user behavior tracking isn’t the most glamorous part of the job. But when done correctly, it represents riches of vital in sequence for the growth of your product. So how do you tame the indomitable? We have found for you some analysis tools (which are not exhaustive!) To better understand the behavior of your users.

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Session recording

By far, this is the most effective and easiest way to track your users’ behavior. Through the recording, you can see IRL what users are doing with your (great) application from the moment they launch it, until the moment they leave it. You put physically in the shoes of your user, and you can obviously analyze the actions, clicks, scrolls, points of frustration, and the entire cycle of your app between the user’s fingers.

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Navigation paths

The navigation paths will give you a very detailed map of the routes taken by your users, without inundating you with information. Everything is centralized in a single document that you can analyze whenever you want. On the document, you will find the moment from which the user launched your application, then the detail of the screens he has browsed, and so on In this way, you can isolate the interesting user paths and the problematic paths. Be careful that your users are not commuting between the same screens, which will mean they are confused and that the navigation or arrangement of certain elements is not optimal.

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The Touch maps

As we said, users are frivolous and, above all, elusive. So to identify the most subtle behaviors, the most complex gestures, a visual tool is often necessary. In the shape of a heat map, heat maps examine the areas that have the majority interactions thanks to a spectrum of colors ranging from red to blue, on each of your screens.

At a glance, you can see what your users are actually doing on your beloved app.

This last group of gestures is chiefly interesting to analyze because it can mean evils at the design level: a misplaced element or a resolution error, which are major elements of frustration that often push the user to quit the application. With heat maps, you can kill the baby in the bud (yes, sorry for the picture.

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Conversion tunnels

The conversion funnel helps identify the pages that your users don’t like, and that pushes them to leave your application. It is an essential tool in the case of e-commerce type applications, in-app purchases because it allows you to quickly target the pages that are problematic for your turnover. This will allow you to refine the analysis, adding data such as the time to complete each step.

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