Uber Health Clone Application features and cost

Uber Health Clone Application features and cost

Provide the absolute best on-demand, NEMT service at your own location with the specially built Uber Health clone which flaunts a user-centric UI and is made possible by the standard of robust construction.

Providing timely customer care without sacrificing costs with our Uber Health Clone approach, has been refined by industry leaders and fine-tuned for confidence, consistency, and otherwise hassle-free service.

One emergency transport solution for all of you!

With the aid of our holistic total medical transport approach, it is simple to offer your service in order to satisfy the needs of the primary users-health care providers and perhaps patients.

For the Patient

Partners mostly with the healthcare facilities and otherwise ensure active patient mobility which allows pre-scheduled traveling from patients’ family homes once again to health care facilities without inconvenience. Promising, healthy, and ensuring that patient just never misses an appointment. The basic Cost for building this kind of app by us at NBT solutions is 5000USD to 20,000 USD for one time and the hourly rate is 15USD to 20 USD.


Book drives for patients with the click of a button the Uber healthcare Clone application are user-friendly and otherwise allows the other healthcare facilities to somehow book trips directly for the patients who are actually devoid of painstaking paperwork. Schedule trips for patients who are either one-way or even two-way days, weeks, and sometimes months before. Ensure that the patients are alerted by circulating the text message or call related alerts-everything contained in a single application.


Deduce patient satisfaction with our built-in analytics tools Explore the success data by analyzing a broad range of important indicators and results in a fully immersive data analytics dashboard and monitoring numbers that once again matter including the conversion rate, personal satisfaction, etc. throughout a variety of filters such as geography, personal health status, month, period, etc.

Control of Operation

Name the gains shots

Our own Uber Health Clone application has a range of administrative controlling features that allow you to exploit various business conditions. Plummet operating costs mostly with sharper override control costs, rebooking additional charges, distance travel ceilings, and otherwise override rates amalgamated once again to master the particular business strategy.

Smart Schedule

Simplify perhaps the riding method by arranging only the most suitable mode of transport for an individual client and a single journey. Highly optimized flex scheduling results in minimal idle time and, consequently, better performance.

Support in real-time

Accommodate urgent needs such as last-minute bookings, cancellations, and also will-calls on that very same day without another dent in your efficiency by instant notice to the car drivers concerned.

Planning the road astute

Automatically schedule the route with automated maps that detail the shortest possible route, with another multi-stop facility built to minimize waiting times and time-consuming manual route of planning.

Efficient Dashboard Admin

Manage the fleets and otherwise patient interaction through an interactive dashboard of productivity monitoring software and real-time analytical reports.

Agile software for routing

Routing is indeed made possible with an optimization framework featuring GPS and personalized metadata fields and a whole proof of the delivery designed for reducing fuel costs.

Recurrent path management

Drivers are relieved from the whole tiresome process of further rerouting the very same routes and instead are modified automatically as on the default direction.