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    Uber For Courier App Development Cost and Features

    Amit Shukla


    Every courier business has been going through digital transformation for a couple of years. However, since the pandemic, online services have been uprising rapidly.

    Smartphone users and Internet users are also increasing. As a result, many businesses are getting the opportunity to have high-demand services.

    Every on-demand business previously operating traditionally is now transforming into digital. So, we can surely say that 2022 is embracing the digital revolution.

    Every part of the industry is upgrading according to the requirement. Therefore, it is important to make changes to the business to stay in the game.

    We need to combine traditional business with digital to have more success. As a result, many entrepreneurs are looking to launch on-demand apps.

    Before we proceed further, we need to clear out a few things. Firstly, it is important to understand the development cost and feature requirement.

    This article will help give the idea for courier delivery service business. If you are looking to develop a similar app like Uber for Courier delivery.

    Then this information will help you greatly.

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    Important Features of Uber for Courier App Development:

    Multiple features are important to implement in the Uber for Courier app. These apps are divided into 3 major categories.

    These features have a major impact on the app development process. Most importantly, it can increase or decrease the estimated cost of the development.

    User App Features:

    The below-mentioned features are important in the user version of the app. This feature enables the customers to get a quick Courier delivery service.

    Every feature is important to have a fully functional application.

    Easy Registration:

    Users need to create their accounts by signing up with different credentials. The credentials include email address, phone number, social media account details.


    The app needs to allow users to browse through all the service providers. Most importantly, filters are mandatory in every case.

    It is recommended to add functionality is of searching based on package transfer.

    Payment Options:

    The app needs to offer seamless payment options for Courier service. In addition, the application needs to include all the online services and gateways.

    For example, PayPal, Google Pay, Paytm, Apple Pay, debit cards, credit cards, etc.

    Push Notifications:

    Push notifications will notify every customer with important details. Therefore, It is responsible for delivering information, including offers, new deals, delivery status, etc.

    Ratings and Reviews:

    Entirely a separate space is important for the customers to leave their feedback. In addition, ratings and reviews on the service will allow other users to acknowledge the service.

    This is a great opportunity to change the app from the feedback.


    Courier Delivery Person Features:

    This app focuses on giving the best opportunities for every delivery personnel. These features will help in delivering parcels and making earnings.

    Beneficial features are important to implement in the app to have a viable solution. But, most importantly, clearing out all the requirements will increase the customer demand.

    Sign Up:

    Much like the users, every Courier delivery personal needs to create an account in the app. This will enable them to accept various delivery requests.

    They can use their phone number, email address, or social media credentials. After completing the sign-up process, the admin panel will verify the profile.

    After that, the delivery personnel is ready to offer their service in the field.

    Profile Management:

    Every Courier delivery personal will have the ability to modify their profile. They can make different changes as per their requirement in the app.


    The navigation feature is mandatory for a seamless experience for the users. It will offer an optimized route to reach the appropriate destination for delivery.

    Most importantly, it gives the estimated time of delivery completion. Delivery personnel then quickly delivered a Courier service within the estimated time.

    Delivery History:

    Every Courier delivery personnel can access the entire history of delivery. The list will also contain canceled delivery requests as well.

    It will help understand all the previous work completed in a time frame.


    Every Courier delivery personal will receive payment from the admin of the app. This is because they are hired for delivery service, and they will get earnings in return.

    Every delivery person can check their earning report directly from the app. But, most importantly, they can quickly manage it without any issues.

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    Admin Panel Features:

    Admin panel is mandatory for the management of Uber for cleaners app. It offers different functionality to the platform owner.

    Most importantly, it helps in overseeing the business operations.

    Order Management:

    Admin will have the ability to manually or automatically manage the orders. Most importantly admin can assign different tasks to the Courier delivery personnel.

    It helps in fulfilling the customer demand and increasing satisfaction.

    Profile Management:

    Admin will have full control to manage the profile of Courier delivery personnel. Due to full-access admin can make changes or even delete them.

    Tracking System:

    Admin will get the complete ability to track every order status. Although, this functionality enables that means to track every package.

    Therefore, it ensures the package is being delivered within the promised time.


    Admin will have the ability to process all the payments to the delivery personnel. In addition, the admin is responsible for checking every order status to manage earnings.

    It is easy to complete the service per request to have a seamless experience.


    Admin has complete access to update every important information. It will help deliver different information to both customers and Courier delivery personnel.

    This way, the business will deliver updated information instantly.

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    Estimated Cost for the Development of Uber for Courier App:

    Firstly, we need to understand that every app development requires different investments. Therefore, there is no constant estimated cost for every development process.

    Even Uber for Courier delivery app hello will cost you differently depending on the requirements. So, we need to understand the business requirement or individual requirement.

    Therefore, the total cost of the development depends on different factors.

    The factors include platforms, features, size functionality, technology stack, complexity, region of the development company, etc.

    Although we can give you estimated costs for the on-demand Courier delivery app. According to reports, it will cost you around $2000 to $5000.

    This estimation is entirely based on basic functionalities. So, to get the exact development cost, you need to contact web development company.

    Every development company has different development packages. Therefore, you need to discuss different matters before progressing with the process.

    Closing Thoughts:

    Development for Courier delivery app completely focuses on technology. Therefore, it isn’t easy to select appropriate digital service.

    It is important to understand every part of the business before we proceed. Traditional business and digital business are entirely different from one another.

    We need to focus on hitting the right part of the Courier delivery market. This will ensure business growth within a short period.

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