Ride-Sharing App Development Cost and Features

Ride-Sharing App Development Cost and Features

Transportation service apps are popular, and they are mostly gaining popularity for convenience. There are various apps available in the market which offers ride-booking services. Uber is one of the best apps which introduced the ride-sharing feature. It enables multiple commuters to share a single ride, and it also helps in sharing the total cost of transportation.

Nowadays we get to see similar functionality of ridesharing apps in every corner. We can confirm that this functionality is being embraced by today’s generation. The major reason for the popularity is the sharing of the fare structure which is being provided by the company deviant most importantly it is economic saves time, fuel as well as the fear of the total ride.

These facilities are the major backbone of the ridesharing app which is embracing the future. It helps in diversifying the riding requirement according to the requirement of today’s commuters. This is taxi services to engage with the huge computers in daily basics the existing taxi mobile app. Although for the requirement of the business we can also go for individual ridesharing mobile apps.

Due to the individual dominance in the market, it will be a great facility for the commuters. We also need to understand that the cost of the development is entirely dependent on features, attributes, and the technologies which are being covered by ridesharing app development. If you’re looking for the development process, then it is important to understand the approach and the right technology for the ridesharing app.

Must Needed Features in Ride Sharing App:

The ridesharing app is divided into three major categories which are having unique features. These are much important to have the proper engagement and functionality of the ride-sharing service. To understand the cost of the development it is important to embrace all the functionalities into the ride-sharing app.

User Panel:

• Register:

This is the most basic section of any app which will enable the user to get registered. Users can easily log in using their email address, phone number, or social media account.

• Find a Ride:

Users will get to check for the destination of the ride they are looking to travel. This will also enable other users to get engaged who are taking the same routes.

• Real-time Updates:

Real-time notification about the updates on the other users sharing the ride. The notification is entirely depending on the drop-off location which they have selected. This will enable other users to get the calculation of the duration to reach a certain point.

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• Location Tracking:

This functionality will enable all the users to get the location of the pickup and drop-off. It will also enable them to get real-time tracking of the route they are taking.

• Scheduling:

Every user will have the ability to schedule their rides according to their convenience. They can easily book any ride with other travelers at a later time without any last-minute confusion.

• Split Payment:

According to the fair calculation the payment will be split between all the other commuters on the same ride. This will enable the users to easily split the payments evenly according to the drop location.

• Get in Touch Before Rides:

Every commuter can easily communicate with others travelers before taking the ride. They can discuss the pickup location aloRide-Sharingng with the estimated time of the route.

• Cancel Bookings:

Users will be used again instantly cancel any booking due to any issues.

• Tracking:

Co-commuters and the user can easily track the location of the cab and easily identify the pickup location.

Driver Panel:

• Login:

This section will enable the driver to be raised into the app using their credentials.

• Accept or Reject Request:

The driver will get the location of the travelers and the destination. The driver can accept or reject assignment requests according to their preference.

• Real-time Request:

The driver can have the real-time request to take any ride to get the complete revenue income throughout the work hours.

• Trip Information:

The driver can easily analyze all information regarding the trip including user, Co commuter pick up location, drop off location the estimated distance.

• Built-in Navigation:

This is the most influencing functionality, which helps in identifying the pickup location of the user and all the commuters. It also helps in selecting them optimized for proper navigation.

• Contact Passenger:

The driver will have the ability to contact the passengers for asking about the exact path of pickup within the minimum time.

• Receive Payments:

Drivers can easily receive payments from the users and any other commuters.

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Admin Panel:

• Manage Dashboard:

Admin can manage all the drivers associated with the app. They care manage and monitor daily basis rides through this panel.

• Manage Car Share Preferences and Car Details:

All the car is booked and being managed through this section.

• View and Manage Posted Rides:

All the scheduled rides are being managed and viewed from this section.

• Pay the Drivers:

The car model used, the number of rides taken and total distance covered is being managed and monitored along with the amount.

• Manage to Pick Up Suggestions:

This section will have all the details related to the pickup suggestions.

• Manage Car Models:

Every car model which is associated with the service along with the details is being stored and managed here.

• Ride and Driver Report:

Admin will have the ability to verify and check all the ratings and reviews assigned by the users and drivers.

• Manage Email Templates:

Every promotional mail template and all the details are being managed and monitored through this section.

• Manage Rates:

Admin can manage the prices and variation according to the multiple attributes.

• Loyalty Points and Rewards:

Admin will offer rewards for coupons or free rides for the successful referral.

• App Monetization:

This will help in adding banners, advertisements, or any kinds of promotional strategies to have revenue income through the app.

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Development Cost of Ride Sharing App:

The major question which arises during every development of the app is the cost. Cost is a major factor change and the outcome of the ride-sharing app. Although it is highly difficult to properly analyze the charges for the development of the ride-sharing app. It is entirely


depending on the number of attributes being implemented.

Increasing and decreasing the attributes is depending on the estimation of the price. The cost is also depending on various factors which include features and functionalities. We have listed a few other factors which could affect the development cost of the ride-sharing app.

  • The version of the app needs to be developed. It could be a featured backed mobile app or MVP mobile app.
  • It also includes the selection of the platform for the development of the app. The platform of the app includes Android, iOS or web, etc.
  • The tecDonehnicalities which need to be implemented while the development of them.
  • Selection of the development center for outsourcing the project. The center location includes Australia, the USA, the UK, India, or any other country.

So, we can confirm that the cost of the development is depending on all the key functionalities and parameters which we have discussed above. We can provide an estimation of 120 to $150 per hour for the development of ridesharing app in approx. It includes all the tracking features along with user mapping for the service.

According to such calculation, the development cost could be around $8000 to $15,000 including all the basic attributes and functionalities. In case you are looking for budget-friendly, scalable, advanced, and futuristic then it is important to choose the right development team. It is also depending on the skill and experience of the app developer which you are choosing for the outsourcing of the project.

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