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    Overview of mobile app development architecture

    Overview of mobile app development architecture

    Amit Shukla

    Everyone is evolving in their usage of traditional methods and most of the business companies are implementing mobile applications for enhancing their outcome of the business. According to various reports it is expected to have the revenue to reach 77 million dollars of the global mobile app revenue. It is the biggest bump from the previously recorded 50-billion-dollar margin. Although there is tough competition among the mobile app developers to reach the target.

    This is the major reason for the disadvantages of mobile app architecture and also in the mobile app development process. According to layman’s terms, “the mobile app architecture is a basic type of patterns and techniques which need to be followed to build a complete structured mobile application”. All the patterns and techniques are used to ensure the requirement of the vendor along with the industry standard.

    Building the Best App Architecture:

    Every business requires the best app architecture which will enable them to proceed to success. We have listed a few of the considerations which need to be analyzed once you are thinking about building mobile app architecture:

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    1. Determining the device:

    Before you get started you need to keep the type of device. The entire requirements cover up the storage space, screen size, resolution (DPI), memory, development tool environment availability, and CPU characteristics. This is a much-needed feature that requires special software and hardware compatibility. This is the main reason you need to know the devices and the support for the app for building app architecture.

    Building the Best App Architecture

    1. Considering bandwidth:

    Once the connectivity was either not available or is intermittent, so every architecture was built by keeping the poor network scenario in mind. The app architecture is the proper designing of caching, state Management which needs to be considered during the intermittent connectivity and data access mechanism. The mobile app architecture development companies need to choose the appropriate hardware and software to batch the communications.

    1. Defining user interface:

    There are various stages available in the feature which we can upgrade and show our creativity on the user interface. So, it is recommended to keep the user interface as minimal or simple as possible in the first stage of the development. The clustered user interface is considered the major reason behind the failure of the mobile application.

    1. Navigation methods:

    During the designing period, it is important to have expertise in both back-end and front-end development. There are various ways available that need to be used for navigating the app features. So, it is much important to have proper analyzing capabilities to have the best mobile application. Various navigation methods need to be followed which we have mentioned below.

    • Tap controller
    • Single view
    • Search driven
    • Stacked navigation bar
    • Model controller
    • Scroll views
    • Gesture-based control

    It is more important to understand the requirement of the customers to choose the appropriate navigation method which will have a high impact on the User experience.

    Understanding Consistent Flow to the Architecture:

    The designing of the aperture is a process that needs to be executed in a proper flow. There are basic layers that need to be properly implemented while developing mobile app architecture.

    • Presentation layer:

    This particular layer is made out of UI process components and UI components altogether. This layer will help in defining the mobile application by presenting them to the end-users. This layer will be the deciding factor for the placement of features and the location properly. This year will also decide all the aspects of visual preference including font size, theme, etc.

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    • Business layer:

    This layer will be completely focused on the business ground which includes the way the business will be presented to the end-users. This layer will include business components and workflows which will ensure the best out of the business. Even the entities are divided into two different sublayers which include the domain model layer and service model layer.

    The service layer is entirely focusing on various common sets of application functions that will be available to the end-users and the clients. Whereas the model layer will represent the knowledge and expertise which is being linked to the specific problem domain. The integration of layers is completely implemented in such a way that will enhance the future updates of the application.

    • Data layer:

    This is the final factor that needs to be kept in mind before implementing all the requirements for the app architecture development. This layer includes service agents, data access components, and data utilities and helpers. The only thing we need to keep in mind is that there are various components which are having subheads that will influence the network layer in a persistent and precise manner. It will also allow a simplified way to access the data and another will offer the storage of all the backend data.  They will also be responsible for the networking calls which is mandatory for the majority of the cases

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    Tips on Choosing the Correct Architecture for the Mobile App:

    Various mobile app development architecture experts will ensure you provide the best possible mobile application for your business. We have gathered experience from various experts in the form of tips that will help you to select the right architecture for your mobile app development. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the budget which will entirely matter for the preference of the development of the name app.

    This will help in rendering the performance along with intuitive features. The correct mobile architecture is depending on the type of target audience you are going for. In case your business target audience is using both IOS and Android then it is better to go for native app development services. In any case, you are looking for an audience OS such as Windows or blackberry then it is mandatory to go for cross-platform development.

    This is the best way to be cost-effective and will not compromise the performance and usability of the app. Rana the option you can go for is the web along with the native development which will have a better complement with each other and help in getting better engagement for both types of customers. The native mobile application will help you to optimize the User experience by entering the web application by enhancing the visibility of the business. It will completely reach the customers to all the devices no matter which platform they are on.

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