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    Mobile App Personalization: Benefits and Implementation Tips

    Amit Shukla

    We all know that mobile apps are one of the remarkable developments in this electronic globe. Any Customized Mobile App Development Company is focusing on building apps that consist of exceptional attributes. Because any company at the end works for gaining profits. In this ambitious technological world, any enterprise would want to compete against their competitors and want to stand on the top.


    Let us discuss what does mobile app development companies do?

    Any app development agency aims at designing the app in such a way that it meets the client’s requirements. We have many kinds of sectors. Each business sector when they want to promote themselves digitally, approach any reputed app development agency and they hand over their requirements along with their company-specific designs and attributes. So, now a mobile designer would work along with his/her team in order to design the app to meet the requirements of the clients. Any Customized Mobile App Development Company would customize the customers’ demands.


    What does mobile app personalization mean?

    Mobile app personalization is a procedure that is adopted to construct an app that can connect to the demands of particular users or audiences. To make it simpler, the app is customized according to the needs of the particular audience.

    To drive more traffic, the app which is used by the customers needs to have appealing features, good navigation, and performance and the main important feature must be appended for which the customer is looking for or using the app. This is the goal of mobile personalization.

    Some users tend to uninstall the app if they don’t find any impressive features in the app. Some users tend to install and keep the app just like that without using it. So, there are various kinds of audiences.


    Why mobile app personalization has gained prominence?

    In order to increase the traffic rate, is one reason if you do mobile personalization. Apart from this, the percentage of users who are using the app must feel convenient, their kind of requirement must be met. If you miss personalization, you might lose your most valuable customers. Hence it is important.


    Now, let us discuss in detail the benefits of mobile app personalization:

    1. Increase awareness:

    Personalization helps the growth of app usage. If you could find out by conducting a survey regarding the likings and disliking’s of the users, you can use that information and can construct your app accordingly.

    Regular updates such as some events, reports, teams, etc. will aid to increase your app usage.

    The most prominent factor is you need to add relevant and useful features to the app. Such enhancements will always increase your users.

    Many surveys conducted on a global scale have revealed that most of the customers stop using the app after a certain time period because the app does not contain considerable information or the app is not so obliging. You must create awareness so that your app users tend to increase gradually.

    1. Broadens engagement:

    First of all, we build the app to facilitate the audience. The important feature is to enhance customer relationships and keep them busy. To drive customers to your app, you must incorporate features that they are interested in. So, this way your users keep themselves occupied by using your app. Make your app more interesting. You must be aware of the various kinds of customers who are using your app. Personalization helps to customize the app related to various groups of customers according to their respective needs.

    1. Retains customers:

    Basically, if your app is subscription-based, then you must make sure not to lose your precious customers. As you would monitor your app users, you would certainly judge that this group of users might drop off, by knowing such hints you must get your app personalized by knowing the interests of such users. In this way, you can manage to get your customers back.

    1. More acquisitions:

    Personalization helps boost purchases! Here what happens is, if a certain group of customers is abandoning your cart without proceeding further, it can stand as a hindrance to gain profits if this continues for a long time. By knowing some information such as location and their interests regarding products, you can get your app designed accordingly. In this way, you can drive your users to purchase.

    How do you collect personalization data from the audience?

    There are several ways by which you can try to find this important information. Let us look at some of them.

    • Location focus:

    You need to find the data according to the demography. That is people’s likings tend to differ from their respective places! Certain dishes or any kind of product seems to be famous or popular in a particular location or demography. So, this technique can be applied to find the interests of the audience.

    • Analysis based on conduct:

    You can analyze the user’s likings based on their conduct or behavior. Like what they are hunting for in the app. Based on such an analysis you can come to personalize the app.

    Such methods can be adopted to gather the data.

    Now, let us discuss a few tips during the process of app personalization.

    • Initial app experience:

    Asking certain questions to the users such as username and their email address during the initial app release and installation is crucial for app personalization. It tends to keep the user in touch with the app regularly. Also, it is a good idea to know about the customer as well. Few free tests and some discounts as such would tend to keep the user intact with the app.

    • Push up notification:

    Notifications are a must for anyone as you would get to know all kinds of news and information through the app. This is another way of app personalization. You can acknowledge your customers if there are any festive sales and much more in this way.

    • Social media:

    It is one of the production methods as this social media integration with the app during the registration step is one of the good ideas for the process.

    • Location:

    Through iBeacon technology, one can find the present location of the user so that the user gets notified if there are any offers or discounts when they visit a particular branch in their respective location.

    • Smart suggestions:

    Through the app, if the user has shown any interest in participating in any events or so, in the future recommendations can be sent to the user related to similar kinds of events. It may prove useful to your app users.

    • Feedbacks or reviews:

    You can get to know what the user needs or what his/her desires are by obtaining feedback from them so that you can personalize the app in a much better way.


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    As discussed, you can simply approach any reputed mobile app development company and get the app personalized as per your needs.

    You can contact Next Big Technology which is one of the best web development companies and Customized Mobile App Development Company

    All the best!

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