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    Medicine Delivery App Development Company

    Amit Shukla

    Medicine delivery app is one of the major revolutionary online services which are offering our users the medication at the convenience of their home. In the current online world, every consumer wants every service at one tap of any app service. With the introduction of medicine delivery app development, various patients were having chronic illnesses all physical disabilities which is why they were unable to visit a drug store.

    Medicine delivery app development company will have the per pharmacist to provide the perfect reach to the business which is why it is high time to invest in the e-medicine business industry. After the Corona virus pandemic situation breached worldwide, medicine delivery services are on the rise with the increased technological usage. It has also accelerated the efficiency and growth of the industry which can be considered as the future of pharmacy.

    Just like any other industry the online market will revolutionize the medicine delivery app development system. Medicine delivery app development will allow the customers to purchase medicines online with a one-stop solution. Any user can upload the prescription and search for medicines at the competitive prices available online. Get the delivery of medicine at the workplace or home at the convenience of the user.


    Medicine Delivery App Development Key Features:

    Various key features need to be implemented into the medicine delivery app development services. The medicine delivery app features are divided into various categories for customers, vendors, app admin, and drivers. We have listed all the possible features which need to be implemented properly in this article below.

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    Customer Medicine Delivery App:


    • Login and Registration:

    Get easy registration and login features using the phone number or Email Id. Also, use the social media integration login which will enable the user to log in with the social media accounts.

    • Prescription uploading:

    With the integrated into App camera upload the prescription which is approved by the pharmacist directly from your phone.

    • User profile:

    Easily manage your profile by changing descriptions, adding payment details, adding delivery addresses, and many more functionalities.

    • Secure payments:

    With the integration of third-party payment, providers get seamless and secured transactions with multiple options. Users can choose from cash on delivery, net banking, credit card, debit card, etc.

    • Browsing categories:

    Use the advanced search features and the filters to quickly search for any medication according to the requirement of the prescription.

    • Order tracking:

    Get integrated in-app order tracking feature which is powered by GPS. Get to track the order in real-time much similar to any other e-commerce app.

    • Multilingual capability:

    The app is having support for multiple languages would be allowed to ensure the global user base. All the major global languages are integrated into the app which will help the users to get a clear understanding and to fulfill the requirement.

    • In-app chat:

    Integration of the in-app chat feature will allow the users to discuss with the delivery agent or the pharmacist and clear out any queries or issues instantly.

    • Shipment tracking:

    Every user will be provided with a tracking id which will be allowed to check the delivery status after the purchase of the medical products.

    • Loyalty program:

    Users can redeem points that will be offered to the users after every purchase. This is one of the major ways to promote the app to the target audience.

    • AI integrated:

    With the year integrated into the app get the experience of order recommendation, voice command, and image search.


    Admin Dashboard on Medical Delivery App:


    • Inventory management:

    Get the real-time notification on the stock update and the expiration date of the drug directly from the inventory management section.

    • Supplies and user management:

    Easily track the received order and the pending delivery directly from the user and supplies management section.

    • Real-time tracking:

    GPS Integration will get the real-time tracking of the driver and the vehicle with the tracking module. This will allow the admin to monitor every aspect of the tracking system.

    • Analytical reports:

    Get a complete insight on the performance which will allow you to improve the business performance and functionality.

    • Marketing tools:

    Easily customize various campaigns to sell various products and attract a new target audience into the app.

    • Managing earnings:

    Quickly manage and monitor the expenditure and earnings according to a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis.

    • Document management:

    Quick management of the documents will allow the uploaded prescriptions to be forwarded to the vendors to get the request promptly.

    • Role-based dashboard:

    Get the proper usage of the dashboard which will allow you to get all the data across marketing, sales, and accounting departments.

    • Lab aggregation:

    Customers can get complete information regarding the pathologies which are near the location of the customer. The information includes the estimate of the pricing including the proper guidelines for the tests.

    • EHR integrated customer profile:

    Electronic health records will be properly saved into the profile of the patient which will allow the medical practitioners to access to get to know about the previous diagnosis.

    • CRM integration:

    Get the complete prospects with the integrated support of customer relationship management into the medicine delivery app development services.

    • Number masking:

    We will ensure to protect the privacy of the users by asking for the contact details. This will help the users to not share their private details with anyone apart from the delivery agent and the admin of the app.

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    Driver Medicine Delivery App:


    • Availability status:

    Everybody agent can show their availability with the toggle of a single switch by showing the users about the online and offline status.

    • Driver profile:

    Get the complete details of the driver profile who is going to deliver the medical supplies.

    • Delivery status input:

    Get complete details on the delivery status including delivery location, order status, and delivery is performed.

    • Swift delivery:

    With the integration of Google Maps, the driver can use route optimization to find the exact location of the delivery.

    • Instant order notification:

    Internal audit notification will be provided to the driver who is required to deliver the medicinal items from the nearest store.

    • Seamless payment process:

    Multiple payment options are provided to the users which include cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, e-wallet, etc.

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    Vendor Medicine Delivery App:


    • Push notifications:

    Get the order request directly from the app using the push notifications being alerted.

    • Vendor profile:

    Get the entire profile details on the history of deliveries and the contact details including the address of the store directly from the vendor profile.

    • Availability status:

    Vendors can update their medication availability status along with the timeline associated with the proper stocking. This will allow the user to get the complete Idea regarding the availability of various medication and medical supplies.

    • Delivery status:

    The vendor will get the real-time delivery update from the agents, which will allow them to track using the GPS integration.

    • Order management:

    The vendor dashboard will help in managing the order request from the users at ease.

    • Daily report:

    Get the entire statistics of daily sales, order numbers, and transaction reports on-demand directly from the dashboard.

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