Essential cost and features to develop an online medicine delivery app


The mobile application industry has expanded in all directions by covering multiple sectors including healthcare. In recent years, pharmacy applications have witnessed an instant rise and are expected to bloom to a great extent. Using the latest technologies, the industry has moved towards the online medicine distribution system. Earlier, patients have to experience the uneasiness and gloominess of hospitals. With this, the next big technology Medicine Delivery app development company has introduced an online medical store to serve patients in the best possible manner.

Why Invest in Pharmacy Delivery App Development

Features of Medicine Delivery App

Features and functionalities are vital for making a successful mobile application. Before beginning your journey to introduce the medicine app, there are some features that a developer should follow, including the following:

  1. For Customers
  2. Social Signup and Login

The users can easily sign-up and made the credentials according to their choice. For this, they can use their social accounts or your contact number.

  1. Profile Management

A user can make his profile to get a better and more seamless experience. It includes all the information that is associated with the address, previous orders, prescription history, payment details, among others.

  1. Upload Prescriptions

Users can now upload their prescriptions to ask for the medicines accordingly. Therefore, they should link their phone’s gallery to their account to upload the prescription easily.

  1. Medicine Details

Each medicine or drug mentioned on a medicine delivery mobile application contain details like manufacturing date, expiry date, brand, manufacturer, price, salts, etc.

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  1. Chemist or Pharmacy Stores Panel
  2. Manage Drug Details

A pharmacist should make changes regularly to add or remove any medicines from his list on the app.

  1. Order Tracking & Notifications

The pharmacy will get a notification with a text message or a pup up message each time a user orders medicine to make the order process fast.

  1. Digital prescriptions

The app should allow the pharmacist to get access to the prescriptions uploaded by the users.

  1. Order Management

The pharmacists can arrange the orders and look after things like processing the orders, returns made by the customers, and providing refunds for those returns.

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  1. For Medicine Delivery Boy
  2. Courier Profile

The profile includes all the personal details of the delivery boy along with the history of deliveries made by him.

  1. Tracking system

The delivery boys should have a GPS tracking system to locate the customer easily.

  1. Delivery updates

He could update the status of the medicine delivery at each step so that all information stays up to date.

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Cost of Medicine delivery App Development

Predicting the development cost is not easy. There are various factors on which cost depends on features, functionality, platform on which the app is being developed. The cost estimation also varies according to the particular app development company and the country.

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With the huge level of credibility in this industry, many companies have stepped forth for taking the new initiatives. The power of cloud computing, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and CRM has influenced innovation.

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