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    Jewelry Shopping Mobile App store – Essential Features & cost to consider

    Jewelry Shopping Mobile App store – Essential Features & cost to consider

    Amit Shukla

    Every business demands the right technology and the right platform to enhance its online presence over the internet. The industry like Jewelry/Ornament is also enjoying the technological benefits to exhibit the products online. While some industries are facing complexities and security concerns. Almost all the
    app development firms design an application that consists of Admin and User panel necessarily. Additionally, as per the requirements, they can add a deliverer panel too.

    1. User Panel
    2. Login/Registration – It helps the users to log in to the Jewelry Shopping App through their credentials like email or Facebook or create their profile into the application. In the profile, they can see all the history of the orders, received products, and monetary transactions made by them.
    3. Add to cart – The jewelry selected by the users can be added to the wish list in their profile. If they want to buy, they can make the payment process.
    4. Store locator – Having multiple stores will allow the user to enjoy this feature completely. With this, they can easily locate the store in which their desired ornament is available.
    5. Customization – With this, users can add, delete, change, or reorder the ornaments according to their wishes and requirements.
    6. Order management – Users can make, cancel, reorder, and schedule their orders.
    7. Admin Panel


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    8. Create/Manage jewelry catalog – The admin can create the catalog of jewelry with all the listed products and manage them by adding a price tag to each of them.
    9. Track orders – It will enable easy tracking through Geo-fencing or Geotagging integration into the application.
    10. Manage Alerts and Notifications – The mobile apps help to promote your business within the apps. Admin can enjoy the latest product notification instantly and generate an invoice or receipt, and email it to the customer.
    11. Scanning bar codes to add/remove the product – The admin can add or remove the product from the catalog by scanning the bar code which is attached to every product in the store.
    12. History and Reports – The admin can get all the history like orders placed, canceled, reordered, rescheduled, etc. on the dashboard.

    Factors determining the app development cost

    The costs of Jewelry shopping mobile app development ranges from a few thousand dollars to a great amount as per the feature requirement. The cost and timeline of development would also rely on the platform and technology specifications. A native Android and iOS Jewelry app with basic features can cost you $7000 on average.

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    Also Read: Jewellery Shopping Mobile App store – Essential Features & cost to consider


    Mobile apps are considered as the quick generators of a greater number of sales. The app can bring you hassle-free success. You can now consider the jewelry mobile application for your business growth due to online availability and more customer’s expectations. They need a smooth and easy experience while shopping. It can only be provided by setting up a store on an online platform. Also, your branding and marketing would become easy and helps you to cover most of the marketing methods offered by online platforms.


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