Jewelry eCommerce App Development

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Next Big Technology offers customized Jewelry eCommerce app solutions for your business. We can assist you!

We can design, develop and build on any platform you require. We have substantial experience in building Jewelry eCommerce mobile apps on Android and iOS. Connect with us so that we can discuss in brief!

In case you are looking for a renowned Jewelry eCommerce app development company then you can undoubtedly stop your search process as you are at the right place. NBT can assist you in building your desired app.

Jewelry eCommerce App Development

Jewlery eCommerce app development

Many jewelry brands are running their businesses. People especially in our country like India have special interest in buying jewelry for any occasion. Occasion might be any marriage function or any event. Women tend to be more fascinated regarding jewelry designs and as such. It’s not possible often to visit shops and look for any new and trendy designs, at this point mobile app tend to play its role. We are in the hands of technology. So, if a mobile app is built for a specific jewelry brand then people can simply open the app and look for any novel designs that has arrived in the market.

If you are holding a jewelry business then make sure you own a jewelry mobile app so that your customers could get benefited.

The intervention of the technology has touched every industry and therefore it would be beneficial if an app is built for your jewelry business.

Benefits of Jewelry eCommerce app for a jewelry business:

  • Can reach many customers.
  • Brand gets recognized.
  • You can expect good revenue.
  • Business tends to become more popular.
  • Easier way to know the designs and new trends in the market for the customers.
  • Flexible online payment process.

People can look and research for the designs and can buy the jewelry by making online payments.  There are numerous benefits of owing a mobile app for your business. In order to reach global customers, it’s better to own an app for your business. In case you don’t have an app then it’s time to think about it and connect with NBT so that we can assist you in building a successful jewelry eCommerce mobile app.

Jewelry eCommerce Mobile App Development

Let us look at some of the features of the jewelry app.

User Panel:

  1. Registration:

The user can register and access the account by giving the details.

  1. Social login:

Social login is another great option for the users to access the app.

  1. Category/Search:

The user can look for the appropriate product by conducting search process. We incorporate advanced search options along with filter, sort, price, metal, occasion,etc. elements so that an easier search process is built for customers.

  1. Offers:

The user can look for any offers/discounts which are ongoing relevant to any festive season, etc.

  1. Multiple-Currency:

The user can change the currency according to one’s convenience.

  1. Add to favorite:

The user can browse for the product and can add to favorite list.

  1. Add to cart:

The user can add the item/items to the cart.

  1. Trending collections:

Various info can be got to known like the list of items/products are trending in the market and so on.

  1. Live video shopping from home:

The user can schedule an appointment with the shop staff and can comfortably sit in home and can-do video shopping.

  1. Social sharing:

The app can be shared to friends/relatives.

  1. Payment:

The user can make the relevant payment via secure payment options provided.

  1. Multi-language:

The user has the freedom to select the language as per their own interests.

  1. Track order:

Order can be tracked via order number which would be generated.

  1. Support:

The user can contact the support team in case of any issue/complaint.

  1. Jewelry schemes:

Various jewelry schemes can be browsed and enrolled if interested.

  1. Store locator:

The store location can be got to known.

  1. Rating/Feedback:

Appropriate rating/comments can be provided regarding the service and the app.

  1. Push notification:

Through this feature the user can get to know updates/information.

  1. Invoice:

The user can go through the billing information – PDF format for clear price division.

  1. Cancel order:

The order can be cancelled.

So, there are many features that can be incorporated according to your business needs. If you have multiple store locations, we can incorporate all the kinds of brands and various kinds of jewelry you have at your store.

Admin Panel

  • Manage catalogue.
  • Manage new designs.
  • Add/modify/delete products.
  • Manage coupons/offers/discounts.
  • Manage payments, orders.
  • Manage stores.
  • Analytics.
  • Manage product pricing.
  • Manage user accounts.
  • Manage shipping options.

Whatever your business requirement might be, we can build mobile applications with appealing designs and interesting features as per your needs.

Why you need to choose Next Big Technology?

  • We customize 100%.
  • We deliver product which is of high-quality.
  • We deliver in time.
  • Certificate providers – integration such as HRD, GIA, etc.
  • We integrate various payment gateways.
  • We integrate cloud storage.
  • We use latest technologies such as AR/VR to enhance the comfort of shopping using mobile app.
  • We build user-friendly, fast, secure and scalable mobile apps.
  • We can build on any platform you need.
  • We have skilled developers who can handle any complexities while building the mobile app.
  • We can build the user panels with impressive designs.
  • We make sure that the app is fast and the loading time is very much quick.

We analyze the requirement thoroughly and start with the development activities and we test the application numerous times so that bug free software is built by us.

We value each and every penny of our clients. To take your business to next level and reach more customers you need a mobile app. A mobile can help you bring more traffic which would benefit.

We can implement features as per your requirement.

Get in touch with us so that we can discuss in brief regarding the jewelry eCommerce app development for your business.

Talk to us in case you have any queries.

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