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    How to Lazy Load Comments in WordPress Blogs

    Amit Shukla

    If you somehow want to boost page speed by lazy loading WordPress comments? Lazy load is used by many prominent bloggers as well as news sources to mask comments on, particularly their posts.

    To access and then leave comments, a user must first press the ‘load comments’ tab. We will teach you how to quickly lazy load comments in WordPress throughout this post.

    You have also been lectured on the value of page speed as well as WordPress. The improved user interface, increased conversions, and particularly all that music. So, if you have made the obvious efficiency improvements, how do you get any faster? One method is to load the WordPress comments lazily.

    Using the lazy load WordPress comments will improve your original page load times and otherwise keep your own readers satisfied. Jay has already shown how to, particularly lazy load WordPress files.

    Now, throughout this article, I will teach you how to take things a step further and then lazy load WordPress comments, regardless of whether you are using the original WordPress comments framework, Disqus comments, or otherwise Facebook comments.

    Why Do You Use Lazy Load WordPress Comments?

    How to Lazy Load Comments in WordPress

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    Posts are excellent for increasing user interaction, and there are several methods for increasing the number of comments on the WordPress blog entries.

    Comments, on the other hand, will enhance page size, which impacts page load time as well as user experience upon your blog.

    The importance of speed in success cannot be overstated. It affects both the customer interface and the SEO results of your website. See our comprehensive guide to increasing WordPress pace and efficiency.

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    You will greatly increase page load times for particularly your posts by just not loading comments immediately. It also enhances the user experience on slower internet networks and on smaller screens.

    How to quickly apply lazy load for WordPress comments?

    Installing and Activating the Lazy Load for Comments Plugin Firstly update and trigger the Lazy Load for the Comments plugin. See the step-by-step guide about how to build a WordPress plugin for further details.

    After activation, go to the Configuration » Discussion page to customize the plugin settings.

    Scroll down to the segment titled “Lazy load feedback” and choose your lazy load process. The plugin has two methods for lazy loading comments upon WordPress pages.

    How to Lazy Load Comments in WordPress Blogs

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    You could use the particular on-click process, which introduces a button at the particular ending of your posts that users could click to further load the comments.

    You may also select the scrolling type, which opens comments as a specific user start scrolling down to the bottom of a post.

    Do not fail to save your own settings by clicking the Save Changes button.

    You could now access every article on your particular WordPress website.

    Depending on the lazy load form, you would either see the comments loading when you scroll, or you will not see comments loading at all.

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    You could now access every article on your own WordPress website.

    Depending upon the lazy load form, you can see the comments loading whenever you scroll or perhaps a ‘Load Comments’ icon. When you press the mouse, the comments layout and otherwise comment type will be loaded.


    That is all there is to it; we hope this particular article has shown you how to quickly lazy load comments in WordPress. You might also be interested in our own guide on how to enable users for subscribing to comments within WordPress.

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