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    How to Setup Free SSL for Your WordPress Website?

    Amit Shukla

    Did you even know that Google classifies all of the non-SSL websites as “Non-Secure”? It ensures that if you do not use an SSL certificate on your own website, you will lose the interest of your customers.

    Since an SSL certificate helps to secure the website’s records, it is actually required when taking payments online.

    Typically, paying for SSL certificates is very pricey. If you are only launching a blog or creating a DIY company page, you would most likely like to keep costs as low as possible.

    Fortunately, there are many options for obtaining a free SSL certificate for reducing the expense of the website. In this post, we will teach you how to particularly get a free SSL certificate now for your own WordPress website and install it on your own.

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    What is SSL?

    Wordpress and SSL

    SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. It is indeed an internet protocol that is used to secure data transmission between a user’s computer as well as the website which they are using.

    Whenever a user visits a website, they transmit details. This particular information is most often sensitive, such as payment information, credit card details, or user credentials.

    Using the standard HTTP protocol exposes this detail to hacking. That’s where SSL or otherwise HTTPS enters the image.

    Websites require an SSL certificate granted by a recognized certificate authority. This credential is validated as well as highlighted throughout the user’s window address bar with just a padlock symbol and HTTPS rather than HTTP.

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    How Does SSL Certificate Work?


    Now that we’ve clarified what particularly SSL is and otherwise why it is relevant, you can be curious about how an SSL certificate functions.

    SSL secures information by just encrypting data transfers between a recipient’s browser as well as a website.

    Whenever a user enters an SSL/HTTP website, the user’s browser first checks to see if the SSL certificate on the website is legitimate.

    If all works out, the browser encrypts the data using the website’s particular public key. This information is then returned to the planned server (website) as well as decrypted with the public key and perhaps a hidden private key.

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    How Do I Get a Free SSL Certificate?

    How to Setup Free SSL for Your WordPress Website

    Because of the extra cost, many website owners are hesitant to use SSL. As a result, many of the small websites were left vulnerable to data as well as identity theft.

    Let’s Encrypt, a particular non-profit organization agreed to address this issue by creating a free certificate authority.

    This certification authority’s aim is to further make it simpler for website owners to obtain a free SSL certificate. As more and more sites choose to use SSL, the Internet can become a better environment.

    Because of the project’s importance, it soon gained the attention of large corporations such as Google, Facebook, WordPress.com, and several others.

    The problem is that installation of Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL certificate for somehow a novice user is challenging since it needs coding skills and server framework knowledge.

    Using one of these services would spare you the trouble of downloading the free SSL certificate yourself.

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