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    How to Develop Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11

    Amit Shukla

    “Fantasy sports” is somewhat a new term for many of them. Fantasy sports are however very much popular in western countries. These kind of sporting apps are still not so popular in countries like India but is expected to grow in the future.

    What exactly is a fantasy sports mobile app?

    This kind of app can be downloaded and installed on the respective platforms. These apps hold sporting applications that can be played for fun with friends or relatives. Fantasy sports mobile app is a game where you can play by building a virtual team of real players and the gaming result depends on the actual players who are playing the game.

    You can pick any kind of match of your own interest. There are many options available such as cricket, football, basketball, etc.

    E-sport is stimulating the rapid maturation in the domain of fantasy sports app development.

    Dream11 is a fantasy sports mobile app that is completely legitimate and trustworthy.

    What is all about the Dream11 app?

    Dream11 app is a fantasy sports app where one can play a game by choosing virtual team members and giving a name for the team.

    The gaming strategy of the app is of 3 types.

    -One to one.

    -2 to 4/5

    -Number of people.

    1. The signed-up player can refer to his friends about the app to join the match and the user can play against another user. Here, both the users can play by funding Rs100. Later depending on who wins the match, accordingly, some amount would be dropped to the dream11 app.
    2. The second kind (Private) is two to five players create a league and they start engaging in the game. Once the winning team is announced some amount of money is dropped to the dream11 app.
    3. This kind of match (Public) is created by dream11 and they publish the match details. Hence, numerous participants join the match, and on knowing the winners, some percentage of money from every winner account is dropped to the dream11 app.

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    Working model of Dream11 app:

    1. Dream11 app is named as such because one can build his/her virtual team of 11 players.
    2. One can choose the real-time players and build a fantasy/virtual team of their own.
    3. Once the user signs up for the details by using a mobile number or email address, he/she receives a referral code and the code can be referred to friends. Hence, the user would earn some amount of signup reward and the person who signs up using the referral code would also receive a signup reward.
    4. Now, if the user wants to practice for free, they can do so. If they have enough knowledge in sports, they can start to continue to build their fantasy teams for which they are allocated 100 credits. Each player would have some credits. So, the user must choose smartly as 100 credits are only allocated and within budget, he/she must be able to build a good team by picking up smart players.
    5. Next, comes the concept of picking up the captain and vice-captain for the team. There is also an entry fee for taking part in the league and through this process, dream11 makes profitable returns.

    For instance, if there is a match of 5 members and 20rs is the investment for entry fee then 20*5=100Rs would be the reward amount for the winner. Complete 100 Rs would not be credited. 80Rs would be the winner’s credit money and the rest 20Rs would be taken by the Dream11 app. Hence, there is a lot of potentials to earn money through making fantasy mobile apps.

    1. And most often, before the real game event starts off the dream11 app locks up the registry exactly before an hour of the actual event and hence there are no changes permitted to be done in the team which is already registered.
    2. As per the people’s knowledge of sporting activities, users tend to choose the players and set their team through which they can forecast who would play well in the real game.
    3. The prize money is allotted according to the winning teams who had participated in the leagues and based on the rankings the amount is allocated to the participants.
    4. There are many events related to sports and people who are interested in games and sports can make use of the fantasy sports apps

    Let us now look at the elements of the fantasy sports mobile app:


    This interface consists of the participant’s section.

    1. Registration/Sign up: The step is mandatory and once the user registers the application by giving the details, he/she can log in and access the app. Either mobile/phone number is mandatory so that the user details are verified.
    2. Home screen: This page displays the list of sporting games such as cricket, football, hockey, rugby, etc. which the user can pick up. The user can also look for the kind of sporting and classification too – can view the matches live by joining the mentioned timings.
    3. Settings: The settings can be changed and personalized according to one’s wish. You can also subscribe to the plans to play the matches according to your wish.
    4. Create contest: You can invite your friends or family members to play the contest by choosing the type of game from the home page. You can build your own team by affixing a name for the team and also can choose the number of teams accordingly.
    5. Join the match: Here, the user is having the option to join the contest and participate with other players according to the chosen contest.
    6. Refer and earn: If you refer to the app by asking your friends or family members to join the contest then you would receive some amount.
    7. History: The user would be able to view and check all the details regarding the matches played in the past. Through this feature, the user is able to know how many matches he/she lost and how many were won.
    8. Money rewarded: The user would be able to check the amount which he/she has received by participating in the match.
    9. Money withdraws/transfer: Money can either be withdrawn or transferred as per the user’s choice.
    10. Fantasy store: People can opt to buy their favorite real-time players’ pictures printed on t-shirts and other sporting needs.

    Admin interface:

    Admins have an immense responsibility to manage the user accounts, matches/leagues, coupons, sign–up bonuses, etc.

    Admins can aspect the complete revenue/profit derived from the app. Moreover, admins can also view if the user has requested money withdrawal to their bank accounts, etc.

    So, all managerial activities related to the app are completely controlled by the admin.

    -Manage user accounts.

    -Drop the amount in the wallet.

    -Withdraw amount from the wallet.

    -Contest management.

    -Check earnings.

    -Add coupons.


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    Few added features:

    1. Notifications: Through this attribute, the participant can know the exact time when to start building the team and at what time the match is going to begin, and so on.
    2. GPS – notification: If the league is happening somewhere near to the location of the user then he/she would be notified through this feature.
    3. Live contest: Through this element, the user can watch the match and get to know the points.
    4. Payment options: Through this element, the user can opt to pay by any means such as net banking, Debit cards, etc.
    5. CRM: The app when interconnected with the back-end server, has the job of managing and sending e-mails to the users, sending notifications, etc. becomes easy.
    6. CMS: The unification of the app with the CMS would help to manage the complete content of the app.

    There are many more attributes that can be incorporated into the app according to the current trends.

    Fantasy sports web application is another platform that the users can make use of because sometimes phones might not perform optimally. So, in that case, web applications play a great role.

    Hence, web application platform also stands prominent.

    For building a successful fantasy sports mobile app you would require a proficient team.

    You require skilled Android or iOS developers, Designers, Back-end developers, Quality experts, and testers for constructing a successful fantasy sports app.


    Hope this article would give a brief understanding of how to develop a fantasy sports mobile app similar to Dream11.

    Moreover, interested users can participate in the league for free which are practice contests. Participants can enroll in any match by paying the entry fee.

    The cost of developing a fantasy sports app in India would be around 20,000$ to 24,000$ for both the platforms – Android and iOS along with back-end functionality.

    You can earn good revenue by investing in building apps like Dream11. It is completely legal in India to participate in fantasy sports.

    In case you are looking for the best fantasy sports app development company then you can approach Next Big Technology for further communication.

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