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    How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Gojek

    How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Gojek?

    Amit Shukla

    Traditionally every routine task of the individual is to purchase items from the shop. Usually, individuals used to visit physical shops to purchase goods, food, and various other necessary products. Nowadays, the innovation and increased usage of the Internet and smartphone have changed various industries’ outlook. Due to the advancement, every service has been transformed along with convenience.

    Most of the services can be easily obtained from the comfort of our homes. The basic reason is the increasing usage of smartphone applications. Every industry is embracing the digitization process to increase revenue income. Even various slow-developing businesses are rapidly growing within a short period due to smartphone applications.

    It is recommended to use the modern marketing technique to ensure the business’s success. On-demand business is increasing due to the good catering services towards the customers. Most importantly, these applications offer various advantages to the business. It is important to go for affordable investment and customization choices for the progress of the business.

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    Currently, there are lots of on-demand mobile apps available in the market. Smartphone app developer companies are helping entrepreneurs to use this opportunity to progress. There are several on-demand applications available in the market that have the highest success one can imagine. The category starts from on-demand food delivery services, on-demand taxi booking services, on-demand medicine delivery, on-demand doctor house call, on-demand travel booking, etc.

    On-demand services are increasing rapidly with high convenience and reliability. Gojek is one of such on-demand services which offers multiple services in a single package. To develop a similar application, we need to consider all the aspects of the application. While progressing forward to the development process, we also need to consider the cost of development which is a major concern.

    This article will discuss the estimation of the cost of development for a similar application.

    Benefits Offered by Gojek App:

    Gojek application offers many advantages to the end-users, delivery drivers, entrepreneurs, and even the application proprietors. We have listed a few of the massive benefits achieved through similar app development.

    . Benefit for End Users:

    The single application offers multiple services, which is the major advantage for the end-users. This functionality is called eco-framework, which offers multiple functionalities in a single platform. Once the user gets raised to such a framework, they can utilize all the applications infused into one. It eliminates the requirement for downloading different applications for multiple services. Most importantly, it saves time and storage and quick and convenient functionality.

    . Advantages for Business Owners:

    The application will offer the best solution for posting the business. It is much simpler to have a shop that offers multiple offerings in a single bound. It is much like a shopping mall for the virtual world where every requirement is provided under a single roof. Most importantly, unique shops and their requirements can be offered to the end-users from a single platform.

    This enables the entrepreneurs to deal with multiple services simultaneously without looking for different options. As a quick example, we need to consider that if we want to book a taxi, we need to download a separate app. Similarly, food delivery services will require a different app which would take a lot of storage and time.

    The platform can easily manage all the different businesses in a single application without any issue. This is a huge advantage for businesses that offer multiple services or products for the same brand.

    . Benefits to the Drivers:

    Every app owner will have the option of getting cash for in-app advertising services. Due to many service offerings through a single application, it is the biggest benefit. This is a similar reason Google has invested more than 1 billion in a similar app.

    Cost to Develop an App Like Gojek:

    Before we go through any development process, we need to understand the cost. It is much like developing any software service which involves multiple factors. The first thing that needs to be involved in selecting a mobile app development company for the project. Their consultation will give you a clear estimation of the proper outcome of the project.

    Although before you get started, you need to understand all the elements involved in the calculation. The first selection needs to be done about the app platform for the development. To complete the development process, the platform can be selected, such as Android or iOS. To have the most targeted outreach, it should go to develop both platforms.

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    The selection of the platform is also related to increasing the cost for the development. The basic functionalities and features need to be implemented into the app. The addition and integration increase the size of the app, which is also related to the development cost. Similarly, app design will also play an important role in capturing the target audience’s traffic.

    The app design needs to be fluent and attractive without any issues. This will ensure the success of the application and increase the development cost. Most importantly, additional functionalities will increase the advantages of the app. It is important to include all the training technologies into the application for success. The latest technologies include chatbot, artificial intelligence, machine learning, VR and AR, blockchain, and IoT.

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    All the functionality mentioned above and integrations will require serious development time. Open companies charge the service based on an hourly manner for every project. Initially, every app development company offered different rates for their development services. Indian app development companies will offer the cheapest range of development services.

    By considering all the factors mentioned above, the development caused can be estimated. We can expect that developing an app similar to Gojek should cost around $15,000 up to $80,000. This range of services is obtained from the best on-demand service delivery application development services. The development company will include all the advanced and basic functionalities and proper integration.

    We also need to understand that every other customized and adjustable solution will increase the cost of development. We are estimating based on a minimum viable product that is cost-effective and rapidly completed.

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