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    How Much Does It Cost to Create/Develop an App In 2024

    Amit Shukla

    In this century, every one of us is using smartphones. Is it not?

    Mobile app development

    cost depends on many factors. Every year when a new version of a phone is released in the market, we look forward to any customized features or add-ons and we buy them. Today our daily activities are operated through phones. Such is the importance of phones. Every year mobile industry is examining significant growth as mobile users are growing rapidly.

    If you want to get an app developed you can hire mobile app developers and get the app customized as per your needs.

    Therefore, the mobile industry should make use of the rapid growth of the rising customers and innovate different kinds of apps to attract a large number of customers.

    What we come to understand is that earnings for businesses from mobile applications are growing so rapidly. By the year-end of 2023, revenue may be around 850 billion $.

    “App Annie anticipates global user squander to transcend
    $149 billion in 2021″

    Now let us dive into our topic about the cost of creating an app in 2020: How Much Does It Cost to Create/Develop an App In 2020

    The cost of an app depends on numerous factors. It mainly depends on – what does the app do and what is the benefit of using the app. Let us not waste our time and let us look at the factors disturbing the cost to develop an app:

    1. Choosing the suitable stage for your app

    • Elaborating on the sub-topic, you have to choose the right stage on which your app is going to be released such as google play store, Amazon stores, etc. Two stores, which are broadly used by customers, are Google play stores and Apple stores. You need to compare in which app store, a large number of apps are present. So, this helps in choosing the right kind of store to release the developed app.
    1. Structure and prototype cost, which involves developing an app.

    • After requirements are gathered from the client, the design is made ready for which costs are incurred. Design costs for an app range from 3000$ to 10000$. The design makes 15% of the app cost.
    • A clickable prototype is also an important phase when developing an app. Adobe, Invasion, etc. are some of the tools used for creating clickable prototypes.
    1. Cost of coding for an app.

    • Coding is the heart of an app. It is the basic and important function of an app. It costs around 2500$ to 70000$. App development is teamwork. Frameworks such as Xamarin help to reduce the costs by up to 30%.
    • The best idea is to make an MVP version using online building tools. 
    • If the app is subjected to be highly complex, then the back-end server is to be used for which cost is definitely going to be high.
    1. Labor costs can be considered as follows.

    • The mission manager controls the budget from start to end. It costs up to 15% of the budget. The project management budget ranges from 1000$ to 13000$.
    • When you approach business analysts, they calculate and analyze few points regarding the app development projects. Therefore, their share of the money is given from the app development budget.
    • QA engineer, UI/UX designer, and developer costs also include labor costs.
    1. Complexities while developing an app.

    • Apps range from simple, medium, and high. Based on the difficulties and constraints faced while developing an app, the budget of an app depends. 
    • Simple apps cost around 25000$.
    • Medium range apps costs around 50000$.
    • More complex apps cost around 1,000,000.
    1. Basic features which needs to be appended for which costs are mentioned as below:

    1. User login : 500$ – 1000$
    2. Push up notifications : 1000$ – 10000$
    3. Navigation : 300$ – 500$
    4. Portrait view : 500$ – 1200$
    5. Google Maps integration : 1000$
    6. Streaming : 1500$
    7. Offline mode : 1000$ to 2500$
    8. Database : 750$ to 1600$
    9. Multiple language support : 400$ to 700$
    10. Search : 250$ to 500$
    11. Add : 1500$ to 3000$

    Multiple features are available. Costs largely depend on which functionality needs to be incorporated to enhance the app in all aspects.

    1. Paperwork cost

    Paperwork is very important. If your app becomes a great tool and is used by everyone, your company’s name is going to become popular. In order to protect logical possessions and rights, it is very much essential to prepare the paper works.

    1. Kind of App

    The cost relies on the type of app. What is the purpose of the app? Who is going to benefit from the app? There are many apps available such as gaming apps, cooking apps, health apps, music apps, travel apps, businesses, entertainment, etc. Based on the kind of app, the cost factor plays a significant role.

    1. App Platforms such as Android or iOS or windows

    • If the app is going to be developed for all platforms, undoubtedly budget is high. Because Apple iPhone uses obj-C or swift programming language whereas android uses Java language. So the cost factor is generally high under these circumstances.
    • If hybrid technology is going to be utilized for developing an app, developers develop once-off using web languages such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
    1. API’s and Marketing

    • If an application requires payment or any other external service then the app needs integration with third-party APIs.
    • Marketing initiatives are very much necessary after the app is developed. Marketing reaches several customers so it costs few dollars. Social networking, trailers, publishing ads, etc. are some of the marketing strategies adopted by app development companies.
    1. Updating an app

    • Updating an app means keeping up with the new versions according to the iOS.
    • About 20% of the app development budget is very much necessary for updating an app.

    mobile app development company

    Let us now review the time taken to develop an app:

    1. MVP: Around 3 weeks
    2. Simple app: 30 days
    3. Complex apps : 3 months
    4. Mobile apps: 5 months and May last according to the complexities involved.

    Few strategies to cut off the cost while developing apps:

    • Cross-platform is the best idea to use to cut off the cost. Many free frameworks can be utilized. If high customization is required by the project then cross-platform is not an option.
    • Designing MVP will analyze the pricing and we can come to a conclusion regarding the project.
    • The agency that can help to develop as well as design is the best proposal.
    • Always carry on with the new versions and newer models regarding the app development project.


    As discussed above, these points can be considered before starting up any new app development project. You have to still rely on various factors and the budget of the project depends on which agency you approach and the features which you would like to pen for the project and numerous points such as location etc. You can simply hire mobile app developers for your assistance. A simple Typical project cost ranges from 5000$ to 10000$. Please connect with us if you need more information about How Much Does It Cost to Create/Develop an App In 2020.

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