How Much Does It Cost to Build Real Estate App, Website?

How Much Does It Cost to Build Real Estate App Website

The rise of mobile apps has increased the reach for the target audience to get the online world. There are various apps for different services and products which are being used by the users for easy access at their convenience. Similarly, there are similar apps that will allow the customers to use it for searching homes for buying or rental.

These apps are realistic apps mostly used for dealing with properties. You can get to see various real estate apps in the market which include MagicBricks, 99acres, etc. Mostly they will offer similar functionality and serve the same purpose as any other real estate app. So, before you get down to the real estate app business you need to properly understand the idea is to get the proper understanding.

Previously real estate market is being obtained through physical brokers on the website which is completely changed with the introduction of real estate apps. Every user can easily create their page which will serve the purpose of realistic market dealing. Although the first thing which will come to mind in case you are thinking about developing a realistic app is to know about the cost of developing it.

Real estate apps will solve various problems which are associated with the market. Every customer will have the ability to check various details including the images of the properties without visiting any website. Previously it would have consumed lots of time to look for the properties and invest your daily schedule in them.

According to the studies it is found that more than 55% of the customers are looking online for properties and getting great deals on renting and selling. Before you get started with the development of real estate you need to understand that it can be time-consuming and you need to hire highly skilled and experienced app developers.

Even though the idea of developing a real estate application is good for business but there is high competition that needs to have the proper target in the industry. The actual cost for the development of a real estate app is entirely depending on the features being implemented into the app. This is why we cannot predict the actual cost of development by giving you the proper estimation.

In this article, we will give you the proper insight to explore the features which are much needed for the development of a real estate app.

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Cost to Develop Real Estate App Business Model:

By getting the proper understanding to develop the instant and then you then it will help in getting the broader client experience around the globe. The app will help in getting the clients which include the potential customers to convert the sale. The cost of developing the realistic app will vary on the features which need to be added to the app.

We can easily give you an estimation of the average cost of developing a real estate mobile app which will be between $16,000 to $18,000. If you are going for more advanced features in your real estate app then the estimation of the cost could increase up to $45,000 or more. This is the cost of creating any leading clone of the real estate app with all the functionality and advanced features.

The cost of developing a real estate app is also depending on the type of development we are choosing. The majority of the clients and developers prefer the agile development method which offered much flexibility and gives the complete right on every development process stage. You can easily get various app development companies who are having experienced and skilled designers and developers with proper marketing professionals.


Basic Features of Real Estate Apps:

We probably need to understand the basic features which could affect the cost of developing a real estate app. We have mentioned all the basic features in this article which are mostly dependent on the complexity and size of the app. Additionally, it is also depending on the hours it is being spent for developing and the location of the development team which could also affect the cost of development.

  • Calendar:

Get the proper idea about the users when they are looking for checking the properties. This also helps in decreasing or increasing the price comparison of the properties.

  • 3D view properties:

The 3D viewing of the properties is another great feature that will offer great potential and easy selection of the properties to the user. This feature is much appealing and it will allow the user to get the proper view of the entire property at the convenience of their home.

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  • Images:

Get the entire image gallery of all the properties in the application which will help the customers and the real estate brokers or owners to give a complete overview of the properties.

  • Map:

Get the proper integration of the map which will help the customers to find the property location for an easier visit.

  • Forums:

There are forums within the app that will allow the customers and the broker to discuss the properties which are available on the application.

  • Contact or Message / Email:

Every user will have the option to easily contact the owner of the agent and ask for all the unavailable details regarding the property.

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  • Details of Real Estate Agents:

Every user will get to see the complete details of the real estate agents who are registered into the app. It will be much easier for the users to directly contact the real estate agent.

  • Social Sharing:

Easily share any property which needs to be rented, sold, bought on the social media platform from the app. This can be possible due to the integration of social media APIs into the app.

  • Customer Support:

The app admin will have the ability to get connected with the customers by answering any questions they are required for proper assistance. This will ensure the best customer service make your app much reliable and trustworthy among the users as well as the real estate agents.

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