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    How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Native Mobile App

    How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Native Mobile App?

    Amit Shukla

    The calculation of the actual cost can be a difficult job for most of us as it is completely depending on various factors. To make it easier we have provided the complete guide which will help you calculate the cost of developing an app. We have engaged in discussing every factor which needs to be considered before going for app development services. Get the complete insight along with proper details to get the step-by-step calculation of making an app.

    You can find various app cost calculators available in the online market which can be used to get the approximation of the app development services. Although they will give you a huge price tag ranging from$200,000 to$350,000. Although they will be offering you all the basic functionalities rather than offering all the factors altogether. In case you were looking for the simplest form of app development then it will cost you around$10,000 to $50,000.

    Various factors need to be properly considered to get the estimation of the cost for developing an app. Mostly the developer rates may vary depending on various factors offered by them. These are the basic consideration that needed to be understood before calculating the cost of app development.

    • The design of the app includes custom, basic and individual.
    • Infrastructure and features of the app.
    • Types of app you are trying to develop such as online shopping, mobile games, social networking, etc.
    • Platforms to be selected include Android, iOS, and windows.
    • The number of pages needs to be implemented into the app.

    Any kind of mobile app development company will help you by providing their estimated quotation on development and app design by considering these factors. The actual average cost of the app is entirely depending on the type of app we are trying to develop.

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    Calculating App Cost:

    If you are planning for a good quality mobile application then this article will be the best way to know about all the factors that need to be considered before developing it. The first question which comes into mind is that the cost of the development as it may vary on the progress of the further project. Before we jump straight into the cost of the app development, we need to consider the niche of the application we are trying to develop.

    The actual requirement of the target audience and the demand of various users should be deeply considered by analyzing them. Proper understanding of the requirement good the estimated answer on different factors and these factors will play an important role in developing the mobile application. Any mobile application cost can be easily calculated depending on the simple calculation method.


    App Cost = Development Time X Hourly Rate

    It also needs to be understood that building any application across multiple platforms can cost you a lot of money. Along with the bulk investment, the risk also increases which is another factor that needs to be kept in mind. Due to this particular issue, we need to consider any single platform or developing through multiple platforms. Although it is recommended to go for multiple platforms to get the most reach towards the target audience across every platform.

    The number of features:

    Features are the most important factors for every app development which makes it more attractive. With the addition of more features, the cost will eventually increase due to the dedicated development for every component and element. Instead of adding massive feature updates in single app development, we can slowly increase the procedure. This will give a better return of investment than completely enforcing all the advanced features in a single development period.

    Offline or online application:

    Nowadays the online applications are most useful as they are completely Internet-dependent. Offline apps will not offer much more flexibility and convenience compared to online applications. But we need to clearly understand that online applications will require more investment in the app development service. But the good news is in current back-end technologies the development and app design have become more affordable which will not be much more different in offline and online app development.

    The number of screens:

    Also, the number of screen requirements will give the proper estimation in the investment in the terms of money and time. We need to consider that with the increasing number of screens it will also attract large investment procedure. It is recommended to use fewer screens and increase the more information on the feed which will save money and time during the app development period.

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    The complexity of the back-end development:

    Back-end development will play an important role in the complete development process of the application. The application will help in storing various credentials, data, information management, etc. Even though the front-end development is entirely about the user interface to make it look easy and simple, but the back-end development is completely complex and requires a lot of investment. So, we need to properly understand the investment we are looking for and then before we head down.

    Special effects, UI, and animation:

    All app development services need to add special effects, animation, and gesture controls. The more attractive we make up the more investment it is required to complete the procedure. This is the main reason for the gaming apps being the costliest or while developing them.

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    Hiring for App Development Services:

    Hiring any company for the app development we need to have the proper understanding of the overall cost. We can hire either any experienced web development service company or any freelancer according to the requirement of our app development needs. We also need to understand that hiring any freelancer will cost us more compared to outsourcing the project to any web development company.

    Although outsourcing the project to any web development company can also cost us more if we don’t have enough knowledge regarding the app development services. We need to complete our in-depth research before hiring any dedicated app development services. We need to completely understand all the offerings they are offering including the benefits and proper suggestion making to give us a more streamlined app development service experience.

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