Cost and Features of Likee Clone Application Development

Cost and Features of Likee Clone Application Development

Likee is among the world’s most common diversion and as well as music streaming portable apps, available on both the Android and iOS platforms. NBT solutions provide Likee clone software that allows the customer to capture and show their creative video to the whole world while sounding good. Clients will create a video about their daily lives, facts, and memories. Furthermore, they may transfer to display their creativity directly from their mobile phones. Our professional team at NBT solutions will charge you a one-time fee of 5000USD to 20,000USD, and the hourly rate is around 15USD to 20USD.

Features of like clone application

Melody/Audio Selection

Choose your own songs or transfer your favorite, for your personalized video titled to post including your preferred melody or music

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Video Selfie as well as Naming

Make personalized music-themed video selfies posts or document exhibitions – On our customizable Likee clone, we offer a variety of options to help individuals in becoming little web celebrities themselves. Clients may also configure video speed preferences to film in slow motion or fast motion.

Stickers and picture networks

Create images of various channels as well as stickers, and then post them on your page, with different customers, or on other social platforms using the Likee clone adaptable software.

Sharing of several videos and photos

Provide your branded video or media in specific categories, on your page, with different individuals, or via other social media on the versatile Likee clone program.

Create a Channel

Clients will begin their extraordinary diversions in the adaptable Likee clone program. Clients could also monitor the exposure of their channels.

The news show

Given the particular client’s followers and perhaps following, the news stream is constantly updated to represent the most latest posts from various customers, networks, top seen posts throughout the territory, nearby/generally inclining channels, and more. Designed to achieve the highest customer commitment rate possible.

View and Comment on Your Favorite Posts

Clients can easily view posts from various clients and platforms. Like, comment, and bid posts on the flexible Likee clone app as well.

There are several media attachment chat options.

Furthermore, Likee clone social clip naming, as well as the content exchange, was coordinated with the in-application visit system with a wider range of mixed media sharing options.

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Go Live

With our live video pouring arrangement, going out life is so much smoother. In addition, their companions will watch the particular live stream upon our live video spill arrangement at any time.

Video proofreader as well as music library built-in

The program provides up-to-date means for video editing and music selection. In addition, the toolset includes a variety of platforms, AR effects, gestures as well as stickers, natural modifying instruments, and a large music library of any kind.

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User-to-User Mystery Chats

Clients may be from in-application groups with other clients in order to hold secret conversations with them. Besides that, content triggered by the Likee clone is combined with a ‘Mystery Chat.’ It also involves allowing clients to hold private meetings with various clients, which would be naturally outlawed once completed.

User Reporting

Report various clients or posts for a variety of purposes. Additionally, this maintains high substance consistency measures on your own Likee clone program.

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