What is the basic cost and features of Doctor on Demand Clone Application Development

cost and features of Doctor on Demand Clone Application Development

Build your own exclusive telemedicine business with our Clone Software, which provides full telemedicine applications and remote healthcare extensions once again to clinics and otherwise individual practitioners. Engineered with the best-in-business features such as Virtual Diagnosis, E-Prescription, Scheduling of appointments, and Access to Encrypted Medical Information and Reports, the Clone Software approach does not sacrifice consistency.

Crafted under the advice and guidance of healthcare experts and otherwise medical stalwarts, here the clone app is extremely versatile and HIPAA compliant, offering the maximum degree of privacy security.

Online Doctor Consultation

The Eminent Telemedicine Applications of Doctor on Call Clone

Application-based upon Telemedicine

Working on developing classic telemedicine applications mostly with some multi-platform compatibility.

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Cloud-based proper medical video conferencing solutions

Safe and reliable video conferencing platform which provides secure file sharing through end-to-end strong encryption and effective data channeling.

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Solution for the exclusive video conferencing network

Proper medical video conferencing new platforms which feature screen sharing, P2P communication, and otherwise customized audio and even video streaming software development. Usually, 5000USD to 20,000 USD is charged for this application here at NBT solutions and the Hourly Rate is 15USD to 20 USD.

Group Video Conference Platform Solution

Data sharing and otherwise file-sharing here along with the video conferencing with some multiple users in a somewhat secure manner with the option of recording.

Solution of further Virtual Office software platform

Developing instead a Virtual Office Platform through the HIPAA-compliant P2P video streaming and otherwise virtual waiting rooms with the call routing capabilities for efficiently scheduling patient appointments.

Medical Data Sharing Solutions

Backed by our own revolutionary blockchain technology, transfer responsive medical data all without safety concerns and otherwise with higher resolution.

Doctor On-Demand App

Provide healthcare services for the whole spectrum

Our clone of the Doctor on Demand app is specially designed to facilitate some telemedicine services involving different types of further healthcare systems. It is your one-stop alternative for every particular need for digital healthcare.

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Diseases such as cold, fever, headache, reproductive health really deserve immediate attention, And with our basic telemedical app solution, medical practitioners really can provide anytime service. Emergency situations, too, can be quickly attended to and otherwise monitored by some doctors on a 24/7 basis. Highly specialized treatment programs may also be suggested.

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This same ingenious interconnection made possible by our particular application allows you to provide close care and otherwise wellness advice and even prescribe certain medicines, dietary supplements, adjustments in food, and some others with the basic convenience of patients. Virtual wellbeing and sometimes even screening visits may also be facilitated mostly by the clone app of Doctor app development on Demand.


Our own Virtual Doctor Visit Solution somehow can facilitate conversation therapy mostly with psychiatrists, Issues of anxiety, emotional trauma, and otherwise relationship. Individualized treatment programs may also be strongly recommended.


easily accommodate the chronic care for the patients affected by conditions such as asthma, thyroid function, diabetes, childhood obesity, highly abnormal blood pressure instead to their own convenience by touch-button monitoring of that app. Personal changes in lifestyle and otherwise treatment routines may also be suggested.

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