10 methods to Make Your Ecommerce Website More User-Friendly

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If you are managing an e-commerce online store, then this article is a must for you! You must read it! If you have hired any Online Store Development Company that involves in designing and maintaining your online store, you must also be aware of few facts and methods which drives your customers to interact frequently and consistently with your e-online store.


Here, I have discussed a few methods which would help you to make your e-site more user-friendly & find an Online Store Development Company

The below-mentioned tips might be helpful at some point in time. Here goes the list!


  1. Trends:

You must be aware of the trends which are on-going and popular in any kind of business market which you are in. You should observe for demand and the kind of product your customers are longing to purchase. Then, you must add those kinds of products on your online e-store.


  1. Brand:

Your products and logo speak about your brand value in the market. Keeping aside the rest of the things such as products, etc., you must know that your e-store logo must be different and unique when especially compared to your competitors in the market. Where ever customers encounter your logo, then immediately the customers must be able to recognize that the logo belongs to so and so the company and has a great brand value.


  1. Updates:

Keep your customers informed all about your company’s progress such as if you are launching any new product or commodity as such. In this manner, the customers would be aware of all the updates.


  1. Discounts and Free Shipping:

Nowadays almost all companies have adopted the discount method on a seasonal basis. In this manner, you clear the stock and provide your products at a discounted rate to your loyal customers. Our savvy Shoppers are always in search of discounted products. Where ever they find a discount, they start their shopping hunt from that e-site.

Shipping is done once the product is availed by either COD or by online transactions which take place. Often to your regular customers, you can offer free shipping service as an endowment. This idea motivates the customers to make purchases from your e-store more often.


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  1. Social Media:

Today’s business definitely needs the help of social media if you want your business to expand and grow. More importantly through social media, you can reach even remote customers and fulfil their needs.


People nowadays tend to research the companies’ profile on social media too and try to verify and gather maximum information. So, this practice can be adopted by you too as our people are social media creates after all nowadays. Through links on Facebooks, Twitter, etc.  people get to know the whereabouts and brand value of your company.


  1. Exchange or Return option:

Once after the delivery and shipping process is complete, the exchange and return options can be followed as it is a good practice.

If the customer wants to exchange the product and want any other product for the same price, it can be done.

If the customer is not satisfied with the product, then the product can be returned along with the customers’ money too.

Adopting and practising these techniques not only boosts your company’s profile but also creates a good and remarkable impression.


  1. Lesser Loading time:

In these fast and active days, people are very busy and when they tend to do online shopping, they don’t like to wait for a longer period of time for the page to load obviously. After the recent survey conducted in the USA, it is proved that many shoppers tend to leave the page after 2-3 seconds or so if the page doesn’t load properly. Shoppers don’t like “waiting time”. It must be noted that less loading time = a large number of shoppers. Make sure to get your web page developed and designed at an optimum speed so that the e-shopping pages load in time and don’t create any difficulty for the customers when they browse.


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  1. Secure Payment methods:

Try to incorporate creditworthy secure payment icons throughout your e-site. Many customers are hesitant to use their banking details due to hackers. So, to encourage such customers you must try implementing secure payment icons on the site. The icons must be bold and visible as soon as the customer is opening the e-site.


  1. Service:

Interactive customer service and support must be handed over to your customers. Online interaction must be similar to physical interaction. Customers doubts must be clarified in a humble and polite manner. There are many channels through which you can provide customer support and service such as Web chats, Social media, Emails, etc.


  1. Exact match:

This is an important criterion which must be met in order to avoid confusions and disappointments among customers. The shopping pages must be of high quality and the colours must match the item when looked through your online shopping website

You must make sure to get your products clicked using a high-quality camera. Sometimes, it so happens that even though photo captured is of high quality, the product when uploaded on the site, colour variations and few minor differences occur. During such scenarios, you can give a note or description under those kinds of products and you can underline so that the customers read well before the purchase of such kind of products.



I hope I have discussed all the valid and major points which you will definitely find helpful during the course of your business. You can approach any reputed Online Store Development Company to handle all your developmental, maintenance and design works and also follow the above-discussed tips to make your e-site more interesting, responsive website, and user-friendly so that you can offer hassle-free and smooth service to your customers. You can also get suitable suggestions from Hire Web Designer   .The main motive is to satisfy the customers and provide them with what they are in need of and what they are looking for. Is it not? All the best!

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10 methods to Make Your Ecommerce Website More User-Friendly
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