Top essential elements you need to focus for your modern ecommerce website

ecommerce Website Features

E-commerce website development company is growing at a much fast pace on the global front. E-commerce agencies are providing extensive, unique, and appealing eCommerce solutions to their clients and successfully running their businesses.

If you own a new modern e-commerce site, then it is very much necessary for you to focus and concentrate on the components that enable and assist in making your e-site popular. So, this article will definitely help you in making your e-site popular.

Let us get into eCommerce Website Features

  1. User-Friendly: When customers are browsing your e-site, most of the users would like to browse the site with ease and comfort. The site must be simple, conveying, and easy to browse. Search functionality must be of good use for users. The plugins built in the e-commerce site must be of good usage to the customers. You can concentrate on certain elements such as Search functionality can be improvised by an autocomplete option. Create a good visual effect and screen presence of the products. The sites must be flexible and easy to do payments for the products purchased.            The site must not impose any trouble for the users while making any payments.


  1. Device-friendly: Mobile-friendly sites are of utmost importance while building any new e-commerce site. This is the most important and key point which you must include in your to-do lists. As we are living in a technological world where the world does not move without mobiles, it is of utmost importance to build mobile-friendly sites as customers love to browse and buy any kind of product by using mobiles. Walmart increased its sales to 20% after building a mobile-friendly site. So, there are umpteen examples of such scenarios. Hence it is important to build sites that are mobile-friendly.


  1. Attractive photos and videos: Photos and videos of products must be of high quality, clear and the pictures when opened must not take too long to respond or load. Shoppers don’t like to hold on and stay on the same page for a longer period of time. They need quick loading of images with attractive photos and videos. Customers would love to check their interested product even by watching the product in a video format. So, it is essential to add a video to create much interest in a customer so that the shoppers buy the product.


  1. Feedbacks: Feedbacks column must be added. These plugins can be used from review platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, etc. Many users read a review of the product before buying. This feedbacks not only help you to analyze your products but also help customers in knowing the information of the product. This user-generated feedbacks help other shoppers as well in knowing the product.
  2. Sales and Offers: Any offers during festive seasons would definitely motivate and build interest in shoppers to buy products. So, you can focus by providing sales and offers during festive seasons for some %. These offers can be intimated to customers through texts, emails, and social platforms.

ecommerce Website Features

  1. Zoom: It is essential to come up with a zoom option because this option helps customers for viewing the product clearly without any hurdles. This option helps the shoppers to view clearly and purchase the product without having any doubts in their minds.


  1. Shipping: It is always good to pin the shipping details on the header of the e-site. The shipping or delivery option must be inserted so that the users know the products according to their locations. Sometimes you can also offer free delivery for any product to bring in shoppers to your site.


  1. Contact #, Queries: It is very much important to add in the query plugin. It can be downloaded and installed from the plugin library. This is useful because if the customer has any doubts or needs any exchange of product, there must be any contact person and his/ her query must be attended to and resolved in a given period of time. And any doubt regarding the product must be cleared if the shoppers raise any query regarding the product such as its availability, function, and delivery.


  1. Wishlist’s: You would have noticed this plugin in most of the eCommerce Website Features. This feature helps customers to know and view the product of their liking when they are back and browsing your e-site. So, you can focus on adding this plugin.


  1. Sharing: You can also provide a share option so that the user can share the image product with his/her friends or family members. If they are interested in buying the product, they buy your element thereby increasing the sales.


  1. Security: E-sites when they are getting ready it is of top priority to include website security certificates so that the personal information of the user such as banking details etc. are not hacked and a stable and secure connection is established between your e-sites and user.

SSL certificate is such certificate that established security and it looks for a green lock in the address bar.

Two-factor authentications can also be lined up and added up when building your e-site. It provides an extra layer of security.


  1. Advanced Payment: Certain users or shoppers use trending payment options such as Paytm, GPay, PayPal, Apple pay, etc. So, according to the ongoing trend, it is advisable to include such kind of payment options so that the customers can book or shop any kind of product at their ease without facing any hassles during their shopping journey.


Conclusion: eCommerce Website Features

So, an e-commerce website development company is interestingly providing its services according to the recent changes and trends in the technologies. You can hire any e-commerce web development agency and get your work done from them. To sum up, as discussed above, the mentioned factors definitely help in the building and running your e-site successfully. You can undoubtedly include all the elements and incorporate them when you are constructing your e-site. These components help to make your e-site popular and thereby increasing your sales. All the best!


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