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    Which country offers cheaper app development services – India or Ukraine?

    Amit Shukla

    Did you know which country offers cheaper app development? Any App Development Services worldwide is striving and working hard to produce and innovate user-friendly apps that are utilized by users and users are largely getting benefitted.

    India and Ukraine are the best countries to outsource app development for the development of your app. Both of these countries are becoming the most popular and preferable outsourcing destinations.

    The cost of an app that is to be developed depends on various factors such as:

    1. Location
    2. Skills and experience of the developer
    3. Time
    4. Innovation

    India is the best outsourcing destination which is preferred by many clients globally in today’s web and technological world. The developers offer a reasonable and valid rate for app development. So, undoubtedly India is the best.

    Moreover, Ukraine also offers the best rate but is a little expensive when compared to India. Timings are flexible when working with developers in Ukraine. This is the main benefit.

    Now, let us find out which country offers cheaper App Development Services

    1. Standard of deliverables:

    India has got many proficient and talented developers who produce quality work and submit it on time. If you are looking out for a cheaper rate and a good quality of work, then better to choose India. Skilled professionals in India are paid about 15000$ per year.

    Ukraine has also got good professionals who work on time and offer quality work. The only disadvantage is that the rate is higher when compared to India. So, you might have to re-consider when you are having plans to outsource app development to Ukraine. The developers in Ukraine are generally paid for 26000$ per year.

    1. Travel and Time factor:

    Undoubtedly, both countries deliver developments on time.

    If your outsourcing partner is far away from your destination, you also might have to calculate the travel costs and consider those costs too.

    But if your development project requires everything online and if the travel is not necessary then you can ignore the travel costs.


    1. Language:

    Sometimes, language becomes a barrier to communication. Few Indians are not comfortable while working with US clients especially due to the American accent. But nowadays it’s not a major issue.

    Whereas if you are working with Ukrainian developers, language is not considered a barrier. Also, the developers handle the management in a European fashion.

    But, if you are planning to outsource, then just consider this factor.



    Unquestionably India is the best country and has become the most popular and preferable software outsourcing destination. If you are planning to outsource an App Development Company, then look out for the top app development companies in India. As discussed above, consider the above-discussed elements before you outsource. India offers the best services because it is very flexible to work with the Indian developers and also due to the low rate. We all are aware that Indians work with dedication and submit the work on time. Hence you can prefer India undoubtedly. Contact us for more information.

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