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    What is CDN and How it’s Useful for your Business Website

    Amit Shukla

    None of us would show interest to browse any site if the site is slow. Is it not? The fast website attracts a large number of visitors. Whereas a slow website is not appreciated by the audience. Any visitor who visits the site expects a comfortable browsing experience. The visitors tend to abandon the site if your site is slower and takes more than 3 seconds to load or so. You might be wondering why are we discussing speed and CDN here. They are related to each other. If you are running any E-Commerce Website Company, you can get in touch with any of the E-commerce Developers or CDN Provider companies to clarify your doubts regarding the usage of CDN for your site.


    By the way, What is CDN?

    CDN stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network.


    How does CDN function?

    CDN dispenses the fixed content of your websites such as images, pictures, etc. and places them in the appropriate spots closer to the areas where your target audience is. CDN is very crucial when website performance is considered.

    Basically, CDN is a system of servers positioned in various geographical regions to hold or handle the enlarged traffic loads and lessen the time of content delivered for the visitors from the servers.


    How CDN is useful for your business website?

    CDN is significant for many kinds of business websites. Let us study them in particular. The application of CDN is widely used by e-commerce websites for growing their businesses.


    1. CDN boosts ranking:

    Content Delivery Network boosts the google ranking undoubtedly. As Google considers the web page load time and when CDN is used, it obviously aids in accomplishing a good website ranking.

    CDN also aids in implicating the images at a very fast and reliable speed in the search engine results page.


    1. Cost-effective:

    Evidently using CDN will save you money. Instead of funding money and looking for other kinds of service providers to boost speed, using CDN will decrease the cost as it works efficiently on a global basis.


    1. Back-pedaling the proxy:

    In the old CDN model, users used to store and upload their content which is required directly into cache servers. Whereas nowadays you can store and pick up your content from the native server without front-loading the cache servers. Recent CDN’s do operate on their own.


    1. Improves response time:

    It helps boost the response time. If any user wants to download any stuff, it eases the customer to download the material quickly. CDN helps in the functioning of the website smoothly without creating any time lag between the website’s response and the customer. It helps in achieving contentment from the website users.


    1. Load is distributed

    Your central server will not get stressed due to the load and pressure if you use CDN as the load gets dispersed across all the servers globally. It aids in saving money to a large extent.


    1. Even if the server is down, there is no issue:

    You are hearing it right! Using CDN reduces issues over web hosting. Previous days were very tedious when there were issues in web hosting as the customer has to wait until the host finds the issue and resolves it.

    But now, CDN has made the work easy. If there is an upcoming issue in web hosting and the web host stops functioning then CDN comes to our rescue. CDN helps by serving the cached pages. In this manner even if your servers crash, your website operates.

    CDN Provider Company

    1. Sectarian data center:

    If your foremost data center is structured in India and if you operating your business globally, then definitely you require trans-continental computerized bouncers which function locally. It means CDN caters to sectarian data centers. As the data centers are set up on a local level it helps the user to access the files and make downloads at a much faster time.


    1. Various domains:

    You can download the required number of files at a time as CDN files are hosted on various domains. Browsers tend to reduce file downloads. Servers help in downloading 3 files at once for instance and the 4th gets blocked. Whereas this problem is erased by the usage of CDN. Hope you got it clear!


    1. Good Analytics:

    CDN’s are good at providing you with valuable analytics if you are running an e-commerce website, usage of CDN proves beneficial. You will get to know the graph regarding the downloads and the number of visitors visiting your site videos and so on.


    1. Protection and Caching:

    There is no doubt that CDN offers great protection for your websites. When many users are visiting your site and there is a lot of traffic created, CDN’s assist in controlling the traffic and protect your site. The traffic is controlled sensibly.

    CDN’s most important function is to perform caching. Caching not only helps to improve the speed of the site but also helps in providing better performance for your site.


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    How do you pick the correct CDN provider for you?

    • To choose the best CDN provider, you must be aware of the appropriate design which suits your business.
    • There are many plans offered. You need to select the best-suited plan for your business. You can get in touch with the best CDN Provider Company in India – Next Big Technology to offer you good solutions for your site. There are many other factors as well to consider before choosing the right plan and design for which you can reach to Next Big Technology Company- the best CDN Provider Company



    As discussed CDN plays an important role in enhancing the speed and performance of your website. CDN’s play a vital role in delivering your site’s video and give you clear analytics regarding your site’s downloads and so on. Moreover, CDN protects your site in case of heavy traffics and the circumstance is handled gently. If you want your E-commerce Website Company to grow and expand and in turn bring you profits, you can reach to Next Big Technology. All the best!

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