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    What are the features and the cost of Ola/lyft Clone Application Development?

    Amit Shukla

    Features play a big role in determining the price of cab booking app growth. Generally, a taxi-like Smartphone app is a series of three components, i.e. a driver app, a rider app, as well as an admin screen. All of these modules which come with a variety of distinct and special feature that we will cover below.

    Outstanding characteristics of the Passenger Software

    1. Fast registration process

    This feature helps passengers to log in to the taxi app by using their current social media account or phone number. When signed in, they could book their own cab at any time with only a single tap and otherwise enjoy their journey.

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    1. Seamless payments

    In conventional taxi systems, passengers used higher taxi fares to somehow argue with the drivers. But nowadays, the situation is different, just as the total online taxi booking system has indeed eradicated this problem. Today, before you book a taxi, you can get an estimate of your own fare and otherwise make payments online all the time with just a few taps.

    Outstanding characteristics of the Passenger Software

    1. Tracking system for position

    The monitoring feature somewhere in the app helps consumers to monitor the driver’s status in real-time via an optimized GPS system. They will also get a list of the cabs operating within a given radius.

    1. Customer Reviews & Analysis

    Customer feedback is a gateway to the success of a company. Using another feedback platform, consumers will rate the car driver totally according to their results and have truthful feedback on their own personal experience. It would allow company owners to verify the performance of drivers and somehow also figure out the limitations and strengths of their companies.

    Exceptional characteristics of a handheld taxi application

    1. Prime Client membership

    You will keep your customers by just including a premium membership option in your own booking app. This feature would allow them to select a loyalty package according to somehow their requirements and to further enjoy the free rides according to their own subscription.

    1. Commission levels for the respective regions

    You may set separate commission rates for the car drivers in some different regions which will be immediately deducted from their own application account.

    Exceptional characteristics of a handheld taxi application

    1. ROI Monitoring Software

    You can quickly measure your ROI using the built-in analytics function. This functionality will allow you to make more preparations for the future of your company by optimally evaluating the results of your taxi app.

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    So, now how much does it actually cost to create a mobile taxi application? Let us try to work it out.

    The functionality of the above-written taxi app will help you assess the evolution of the app. Every feature of the Ola/lyft Clone Application has been established with rigorous efforts to ensure your solid online presence. So with now, all the considerations in mind, a single-platform framework with simple features also would cost around 5000USD to 20,000 USD and if you want to pay them for the hourly rate then NBT solutions would cost you about 15USD to 20 USD.

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