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    Top 5 Sales Tracking Software Tools in 2023- Shoot Up Your Business Graphs

    Amit Shukla

    Looking for a trusted option to get sales insights? Sales are the heart on which every business thrives, and getting a detailed report of all relevant activities is quintessential. Even in pharmaceutical companies, such analytics tools and software play a significant role in analyzing the overall surpluses and listing the expenses incurred. Let’s delve into the top software tools used for managing company sales and other activities.

    Statistics are the core of any business, and you could line up a grand master plan by getting timely reports on all activities. It also helps in analysing employee performance, and businesses can monitor the overall well-being of their enterprise. The sales tracking and or the CRM software can enable you to start rightly.


    Things to Consider for Choosing Ideal Sales Tracking Software

    There are specific parameters on which the selection of sales tracking software depends. Better data collection increases the business efficacy, and here are the 3 key metrics to make your software selection.

    1. Conversion Rate- It is the tentative percentage of leads converting into actual sales. Management spends a lot of time in traffic analysis, and good software can help determine the sales team pitch.

    2. Actual Sales- Figuring out the ratio of leads who are fetching bulk sales for you can make a lot of difference. It helps in finding the medium through which your sales generate and spend maximum time on its creation.

    3. Revenue on sales- Getting exact business profits is not possible unless you evaluate the revenue per sale and find potential targets to achieve.


    Top 5 Sales Tracking Software

    If tracking spreadsheets are getting difficult and you cannot get the vital information, here are the software tools that could prove helpful to you.

    1. Pipedrive- USP of Pipedrive software is the ‘Deal Rotting’ feature that helps the sales team discover opportunities for improvements. It’s a unique software that helps in sales reporting that is necessary to achieve success. The inbox screen here displays text sent to other customer data. Customers can also analyze overperforming and underperforming members as well as suggest tips to make improvements.

    2. Insightly- The custom dashboards of Insightly software is quite an appealing option for sales individuals. Such dashboards perform an excellent task of data management in a visual format to make quick conclusions on the sales figures and employee performance. Its features are intelligence, data visualization, count of prospects, audience growth, and other data points.

    3. Hubspot CRM- Another powerful tool for sale analysis is Hubspot CRM, which displays sales statistics and counts lead related to the sales pipeline. Management can track performance and create a bar chart to track sales activity and the repercussions on the company’s growth. It is an all-in-one solution that helps in the enhancement of the leads offered to the sales team.

    4. Agile CRM- This sales software tracks the customer support metrics and helps analyse the sales dashboard for showcasing essential metrics. It helps in developing a strategy for improvement of response time, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. As a result, even new customers can derive the opportunities to play their roles.

    5. Bitrix 24- This CRM proves helpful in tracking market-related expenses to identify the recently working campaigns. It also channels the right SEO application to reduce the amount spent on marketing activities. Bitrix24 is a sales tracking tool that helps users boost conversion and showcase a funnel graph depicting the employee progress. Interesting features of this software are group chats, activity streams, shared workgroups and calendars.


    Winding Up

    Go for a software solution that provides you with a comprehensive sales solution at your fingertips. Tracking sale activities ensures that you can head on the right path, and analytics give an overview of your costs incurred and returns received.

    Pharmaceutical companies are indeed flourishing and can retain a record of their sales activities with advanced software options slated above. Go ahead with an ideal sales reporting option and witness a paradigm shift in your businesses right away!

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