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Favor Business Model: How Does the Favor App Works?

July 29, 2021

Favor, on the other hand, has been an on-demand behemoth since 2013. It functions similarly to Postmates, Uber, as well as other internet delivery applications as an on-demand distribution system. Its delivery methods are called runners, and they pick up and distribute parcels to their appropriate locations. However, just...

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Monolithic Vs. Microservice: Which One Is Best for You?

July 27, 2021

Monolithic and microservices are frequently seen as contrary energies. It’s entirely expected to see conversations based on Monolithic versus microservices since they are total inverses of one another. Monolithic is viewed as the more seasoned sort while microservices is the new and hot possibility. From a specialized stance, Monolithic...

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A Complete Guide to Money Lending Mobile App Development

July 8, 2021

Loan mobile applications, a problematic business model focusing on easy money loaning without overpowering administrative work. Buyers and startup proprietors have invited this noteworthy plan of action wholeheartedly, and for the correct reasons. Before building a loan app, you should know A Complete Guide to Money Lending Mobile App...

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5 Trendy Mobile Apps to Buy and Sell Medicines in India!

June 16, 2021

Is it trivial for you to get the necessary medication from a local drug store? Are incessant monsoons and packed office hours not favorable to stock up in medicines? The below slated mobile apps can then impart tons of benefits and enhance your shopping experience all the more! The...

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