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    features and cost which is involved in IOT Vehicle Tracking Software Development

    Know the various features and cost which is involved in IOT Vehicle Tracking Software Development

    Amit Shukla

    The Internet of Things however is revolutionizing and otherwise encouraging the communications industry to move forward with the way particular device-to-device connectivity takes place. This element of further Machine-to-Machine connectivity paves the way now for the transformation of the transport sector from the conventional ecosystem.  We actually help to build and otherwise modernize some robust systems to work, communicate and run all of the Vehicle Tracking System (VT) powered IoT solutions pretty seamlessly.

    Connected Vehicles with Our own IoT-based Vehicle Tracking System offers an enhanced safe and otherwise efficient high mobility experience.

    We overcome all the problems from traditional use particular cases by incorporating the end-to-end fleet support management system Consisting of in-cloud data storage, in-vehicle data capture, and usage analysis. Our vehicle monitoring platform allows detecting and controlling an unlimited number of particular vehicles in real-time. Our team at NBT solutions charges 1000 USD to 6000 USD and 15USD to 20USD for one time.

    1. Real-time monitoring of the car
    2. Connected car sensors 2.
    3. Fuel monitoring
    4. Recording positions of vehicles
    5. Modulation of speed
    6. Analytics of the fleet

    Predictive maintenance of vehicles

    The highly functional approach lets you combine your own vehicle sensors, control units, personal data transmitters, and otherwise hardware modules to monitor performance, healthcare, and otherwise cost factors smoothly.

    1. Real-time automotive health monitoring
    2. Real-time automotive health monitoring
    3. Auto Repair Schedule
    4. Smart car repair analysis
    5. Identification of damage
    6. Remote Diagnosis


    Real-Time Vehicle Telematics

    Our particular vehicle telematics solution guarantees the fleet’s live monitoring and the positioning of the vehicle with an embedded GPS unit.

    Tracking of fuel

    Track and perhaps better monitor the fuel use of each and every vehicle through this advanced function. Save on completely unexpected fuel costs and reduce waste at the same time.

    Speed Control IoT devices actually help track the particular speed limit and issue reminders if the car exceeds the speed limit. In addition, the specialized equipment controls the total speed at appropriate speeds, as per the controllers’ discretion.

    Vehicle Usage Analytics

    End-to-end car use survey containing the number of journeys, Road traveled, fuel consumption, and much more. Reporting can be personalized seamlessly.


    Management of Fleet & Driver

    Manage the whole fleet and otherwise drivers with your personalized vehicle control system. Monitor vehicle travel; appoint drivers, set routes, and perhaps more with ease.

    Indigenous applications

    Receive personalized IoT vehicle tracking software with basic top-of-the-line encoding for particular all leading devices including Ios, Android, and otherwise Web.

    Integration of the multi-language

    This special functionality aims to remove the total language barrier with personalized language selection choices for consumers.

    Communication of vehicles to vehicles

    This super-smart feature allows vehicles to connect with each other and exchange warnings, like Incoming traffic, crash warning, bad weather alert, roadside assistance request, and many more.

    Recognition of speech

    The built-in voice recognition system allows users to open the car, call now for navigation assistance, and order roadside assistance, share useful information, and otherwise more.

    Prediction of vehicle maintenance

    Based on the use of the engine, the driving style, the distance traveled, and others, the platform forecasts the condition of the whole vehicle and directs managers to a detailed maintenance report.

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