Everything You Need to Know About The Costing & Features of Quiqup Like App!

Everything You Need to Know About The Costing & Features of Quiqup Like App!

Digitalization has prompted a blast in online business and shopping enterprises. The worldwide business of online delivery is ceaselessly extending with the approach of on-demand parcel delivery applications. A sparkle kindled by Uber, today has fanned out quickly in various industry verticals. Such applications have set new bars in the E-retail ventures. Let’s explore more about such app as mentioned by the mobile app developers.

How Does A Quiqup Mobile App Work?

An on-demand parcel delivery application permits you to follow and convey your parcels. However, not all parcel delivery applications work a similar way-Venture profound into the working model of DPD, FedEx, or Uber to recognize the distinctions. Each model has its suggestion and advantages. To build up your on-demand parcel delivery application, a profound comprehension of the working and design of each model is essential.




At any point considered how a parcel following application functions? Information from every transporter gathers in a single spot. Along these lines, such sort of plans of action needs just a single application for parcel following paying little mind to the transporter.




An effective application with a completely prepared client administrator like DPD permits you to make shipments as well as encourages you to print out names for those shipments. Likewise, FedEx has a mobile application for making same-day delivery with no hustle.




Numerous retailers incline toward marked parcel delivery applications because of the upper hand that accompanies them.


This kind of plan of action includes the utilization of mobile applications with request following highlights.


Features of Parcel Delivery App Like Quiqup


Administrator chat


The administrator visit office permits the administrator to keep up a ceaseless correspondence with the client just as the delivery individual. It would ad-lib the assistance quality and get more noteworthy client dependability.


Premium delivery


Premium delivery highlight permits the client to request a quicker delivery administration as a trade-off for an additional installment.


Real-time tracking


The constant following element is regular in driver applications, the administrator board, and the client application. It permits the clients to follow the ongoing area of their request.


Message pop-ups


Pop-up messages inform the client about the most recent reports in regards to their request. These message pop-ups illuminate clients about the assessed time regarding delivery, the contact data of the driver, different promotions and offers, and the flow area of the request.


Installment passage


Another element that is worth incorporation in your delivery application is an installment passage. E-wallets, charge or Mastercards, bank moves are installment doors that you can coordinate into your application. It will likewise allow the clients to get a computerized receipt of the request.


Rating and audit


This element encourages the client to rate and audit your administration. Client surveys would assist you with extemporizing your administrations.


Rewards and offers


Rewards and offers draw in your clients and increment client faithfulness.


Administrator board


An administrator board with expanded admittance rights would permit you to hop in and resolve any emerging issues. Outsider examination devices incorporated inside the application assists with getting experiences on client conduct.


So, this is how one can develop a parcel delivery app like Quiqup. The cost required for such an applies between 5000 to 20,000 USD and its hourly rate will be approx 15 USD – 20 USD. For more information, get in touch with NBT, the leading mobile app development company in India.

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