Finding Unusual App Ideas: Money Making App Ideas

Finding Unusual App Ideas: Money Making App Ideas

The mobile application sector is growing at a faster rate these days. A new generation of app developers is creating great applications based on viral app ideas that are simplifying and improving our lives. Furthermore, they have provided us with access to nearly everything, including online schooling, eating, shopping, video chats, meetings, and everything else we would need.

Even during the epidemic, when we were unable to leave our houses, smartphone apps were one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment for us to enjoy. Everything is now just a click away thanks to mobile apps on our smartphones. Whenever we require a solution to a problem or to meet a need, we just reach for our mobile devices and obtain what we require in an instant. What else do we need in this day and age?

However, I would want to point out that while it is encouraging that we are always receiving fresh ideas, developing a unique concept that will suit the needs of customers is quite difficult. The reason for this is that the mobile app industry is growing increasingly competitive on a daily basis. As a result, coming up with a terrific app idea would need a significant amount of effort. You can also take a look at our recent post on a complete list of mobile application ideas.

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The most effective ways to come up with innovative app ideas that haven’t been implemented yet

You can use the procedures outlined below to come up with a terrific mobile app idea that will increase the value of your app.

Investigate the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for research applications

What do you think, would it be a good idea to browse through the apps available on the app stores?

In order to come up with remarkable ideas for your app idea, it is recommended that you go through numerous categories in the app store. When it does, it will spark your imagination, and you will come up with a better concept.

You can search for “Top Grossing Apps,” “Top Trending Apps,” or “Search Popularity Apps” to have an understanding of how users are interacting with the currently available apps. Additionally, look over their comments, reviews, and ratings to determine their likelihood of success.

Furthermore, you should evaluate the user experience/user interface (UX/UI) of the apps in order to develop and test a superior UI for attracting your target audience. A well-designed user interface (UI) and thorough testing of the mobile application are other important factors in the popularity of an app.

Attend App Development Meetups, Seminars, Hackathons, and Conferences to learn more about the industry

Meetings, seminars, conferences, and hackathons are all examples of events that bring people together. Members may be from technical organizations or maybe young people pursuing a career in the field. Such seminars help to build communities by discussing new technology revolutions, concerns with popular apps, and problems that people experience in their daily lives. All of these considerations would aid you in developing innovative app concepts. Furthermore, members of such meetups will obtain a varied range of knowledge that will enable them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and outperform them.

As a result, recognizing the problems that people are experiencing can help you give the best service possible.

Make a list of real-world problems and try to solve them with an app concept.

The following step is to research and thoroughly comprehend the current apps available on the market. As a result, you’ll need to identify the shortcomings of the app along with the problems experienced by consumers so that you may come up with a more effective and efficient app concept.

You will be able to meet more and more individuals, including your friends, coworkers, and relatives, and learn about the challenges that they are facing in their lives. Alternatively, you may concentrate on the characteristics that make human life easier. It may necessitate a lot of pondering, but it ensures that you come up with something superior.

In this way, you can identify real-world concerns, such as the development of Voice Assistant Apps for elderly persons who are feeling lonely. Even a recent study has come to the same conclusion. An app of this nature will improve the lives of older individuals since it will provide them with an environment conducive to social contact.

Keep abreast of industry developments in order to anticipate future requirements

The app development market is always expanding, and with it, the trends that follow. In order to keep up with the times, we must consider the future as well as the present day. A well-thought-out strategy will be more effective in this situation.

On the internet, you will not find the most recent fashion trends. It is possible that the amount of information is overwhelming. As a result, we have provided some appropriate suggestions below:

  • Check out the latest fashion trends; you may do this by following popular websites such as TechCrunch, Forbes, and others.
  • Identify some cutting-edge technology that will continue to function flawlessly in the future. The IoT augmented reality, blockchain, and other developing technologies may be affected by these themes.
  • Keep up with the most in-demand apps for the foreseeable future.
  • Also, consider including an app category once more, which has a bright future.

As a first step in catching up with all of the aforementioned components, you will need to conduct market research and gather the information that will help you determine which app services customers desire in their existing apps. It will keep your app up to date with the most recent trends and improve the overall user experience for your users.

Consider the possibility of automating a tedious and repetitive manual task with an app.

It sounds better if tasks can be automated in order to reduce the amount of manual effort performed by users.

What do you think you understand about the process of automating a task?

When a manual procedure is eliminated, as well as a series of complicated duties, the process is referred to as automation. It has the effect of increasing user engagement and productivity.

Your app idea will come to light if it supports consumers in reducing the amount of time they spend doing physical labor in their homes. As a result, consider developing an app that can assist your target consumers in automating their manual tasks.

Examining the Most Popular Apps

If you are already a part of the mobile app development market, you are probably aware that research is necessary in order to come up with an innovative app concept. A thorough investigation will always point you in the proper route. Discover how research can assist you in driving down the correct path by continuing to read this article.

If you want to create an app that every user will enjoy, you must make it stand out from the crowd. Your strategy will be more robust if you conduct thorough research from every angle. It will enable you to have a complete understanding of the market, as well as the necessary information. In addition, keep an eye on how many people are searching for your target app.

Identifying small section checkpoints that are doing well for your users should be your primary goal. It will assist you in developing a vision for developing an app for a large number of people with superior insight. In addition, you will learn about the factors that contribute to the failure of app concepts. Following that, you can begin working on eliminating those challenges and developing a dependable app concept.

Create a list of the actual requirements of everyday life.

We are all aware that a variety of concepts are currently dominating the market. As a result, it is simple to identify a market niche and establish a strategy for developing an app clone. But, for a moment, consider whether it would be sufficient to provide the same services to your target audience.

Without a doubt, the answer is a resounding no. Cloning an application is not a viable approach. Instead, you must think creatively about how to improve the applications that are already in existence. Make use of your family, friends, coworkers, and relatives to assist you, and solicit their advice as well as recommendations.

Choose the top ten applications in your chosen industry and evaluate the features they provide to their users. It will inundate you with numerous original ideas, and you may come up with a terrific answer as a result.

You may want to ask yourself some easy questions, such as:

  • What additional benefits can you provide to your target users?
  • What exactly are the problems with the current apps?
  • What are the prospects of improvements to the present apps being implemented?

As a result, if you receive proper answers to these questions, you will be on the right course to achieving your goals.

Understand the most pressing issues in human services in the modern era.

Mobile applications are becoming an increasingly important element of our daily life. You may come into challenges that a large number of individuals are dealing with. You will learn about thousands of suggestions for how to make your app a more inclusive solution for your target audience during the course of the course.

First, choose two or three concerns that you have seen, and then determine the scope of your app idea. It is not necessary that everyone will be experiencing the same problem. Analyzing the size of the audience presents the same challenge; you must determine whether or not your app would be worthwhile for them to use. You will gain confidence as a result of this, which will assist you in moving on in the right direction.

If you spend time on social media, you can keep up with the current app trends and the demands of today’s younger generations. The majority of people express their opinions on various problems and spread their dissatisfaction. Consider it an opportunity to make use of such platforms to perform in-depth research from a variety of angles, as described above. You can make use of the greatest social media sites that connect people with business targets, active influencers, and thought leaders in their fields. Knowing about app challenges and being able to convert them into wonderful app ideas would be the most effective strategy.

Transform Human Requirements Into a Concept for an Application

Now that you’ve identified the demands of your users, it’s time to turn those requirements into an app concept. You may want to start by looking at some well-known app examples in the Play Store that assist in addressing the needs of the users in the app, such as:

  • App for Grocery Delivery
  • App for Food Delivery
  • App for the Delivery of Alcohol

You will learn how to create a one-of-a-kind app concept that can be tailored to fit specific user requirements.

Find out about the applications. Obtaining Financial Assistance

You should also go into the market to find out about the numerous investments that have been made in various apps. Examine the investor’s portfolio and become familiar with the types of business concepts that they are interested in investing. Check out which brands have benefited from their financial assistance.

If you discover that your app idea is trustworthy in the eyes of your target audience, there is no need to rush to secure finance. Your major goal should be developing a strong app concept, as you will need to attract more and more users while also addressing their concerns. Following that, you can refine your app concept by integrating features that are in high demand.

Investigate social media platforms

If you spend time on social media, you can keep up with the current app trends and the demands of today’s younger generations. The majority of people express their opinions on various problems and spread their dissatisfaction. Consider it an opportunity to make use of such platforms to perform in-depth research from a variety of angles, as described above. You can make use of the greatest social media sites that connect people with business targets, active influencers, and thought leaders in their fields. Knowing about app challenges and being able to convert them into wonderful app ideas would be the most effective strategy.

Ask questions and conduct surveys on large user-base communities such as Reddit, Quora, Facebook Groups, and so on.

A successful app idea is most often discovered by posing questions and conducting surveys in online communities with a huge user base of members. Every response will help to lighten your mood and assist you in coming up with innovative app concepts.

Examples of a Few Popular Apps with a Distinctive Concept

Let’s have a look at a few apps that have outstanding concepts and are currently popular around the world.


The clubhouse is an audio social networking application that distinguishes itself by allowing users to engage with one another through voice. It is a revolutionary voice-based platform that allows users to communicate, generate ideas, tell tales, and meet new and intriguing individuals all around the world. When the user first launches the program, he is presented with a list of virtual rooms from which he can choose to participate. Every chamber contains a group of speakers who can speak on any subject they choose.


Software developed in Germany called Dubsmash allows users to record a selfie video while simultaneously mixing it with any other music. Dubsmash allows its users to videotape themselves while lip-syncing over audio snippets, including bits of videos, songs, and famous phrases into their videos and audio clips into their videos. Users can also upload audio files and customize their recordings by adding text animations and color filters to them.


It makes project and task management a lot more convenient and straightforward. Its Work Graph data model provides teams with everything they need to meet deadlines, collaborate effectively, and achieve their goals. With Asana, you can keep track of all of your project work at your fingertips, identify the next steps in the process, and take rapid actions to keep things moving forward.

What are some innovative app concepts that haven’t been implemented yet?

An app that provides medical assistance based on your location

It provides medical assistance to those in need on-site at their location.

Read My Mind & Find a Book is a mobile application that allows you to read your thoughts aloud

An app that helps you find a book that matches your current mood state.

App for Face-Scanning and Recognition

You can scan the face of someone whose identity you require information about.

App for Meeting Like-Minded Individuals

An app that allows you to identify someone who is interested in talking about a given problem at a specific time, such as you are.

App to Search, Compare, and Purchase

An app that allows you to locate inventory in your area and compare costs for a certain item you need to purchase.

My Reading Habits App

It gains knowledge of you and your online reading habits, crawls the internet, finds the greatest information, and sends you a push notification.

App for Social Media Assistant

It works in a similar way to the previous program in that it crawls and selects “trending” information, which you can then share on your social network accounts with a single click.

Check Out & Purchase the Assistant App

It enables you to crawl and curate specific items, as well as create a community and engage in conversation about them. People may easily browse the site, interact with their friends and other shoppers in real-time, and purchase the products they find interesting.

App for assisting you with your shopping

An app that learns about your purchases, prompts you on a frequent basis, provides you with the most cost-effective delivery alternatives, and delivers your product fast is what you need.

My Junk App is a free application.

It allows you to post crappy images and send them to someone who will pick them up and take them with him for free if they are in his vicinity.

App for Mobile Cash

Similar to a delivery app that brings you home-cooked meals, such an app may likewise deliver you cash within a specified time frame using nothing more than your mobile device.

Your Personal Assistant App

Customizations can be made so that it responds to you with the results of your instruction or at a certain time interval.

Capture My Things App

An app with augmented reality capabilities that uses your camera to mark the spots where you keep your things, such as documents, keys, and other valuables.

Bluetooth Fun Connect App

An app takes advantage of a Bluetooth connection to allow you to play games with your friends who are nearby, such as guessing a movie title or jumbling words.


We hope you have found this post to be informative and helpful in your search for a valuable app concept for your users. If you continue to have problems, you should talk with a mobile app development business or an app development consultant, who will be able to assist you in the right direction toward success.