Latest B2B e-commerce trends in the current year

Latest B2B e-commerce trends in the current year

Whatever the business might be, things must be digitalized due to the advancements in technology. Moreover, in this technical world, it is very much necessary to get ourselves equipped along with the newest trends so that we are aligned with this digital world.

B2B e-commerce is Business to Business sales of products/services online. Online sales are the ones that can aid any business to grow and therefore improve their sales as well. Olden says was difficult because orders had to be received through telephone and then the necessary product needed to be delivered and it was a lengthy process which used to take many days as well. Current days are easy because online orders are flexible to handle and maintain. Moreover, the overhead costs of the business are cut-off which is a plus.

If your B2B company requires any changes in the existing site or if any implementation of the latest platform is required, you can approach the B2B e-commerce development company.

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What exactly is B2B e-commerce?

B2B e-commerce is business-to-business trading. It is a way where the dealers who exist in between make purchases most often. Suppose for instance there is a cloth industry that they mainly produce cotton dresses, and the raw material needs to be procured, I.e. cotton. This cotton is needed and hence to procure this cotton the cloth industry goes in search of a dealer who supplies them. So, the business deal which the cloth industry and the cotton mill make is digitalized in the current arena which is making a huge difference these days. So, this process is defined as B2B e-commerce. The seller and buyer process are very much simplified by the entry of the internet. After technology has grown, nowadays all orders are digitalized to ease and simplify the process.

Now, let us know the latest B2B E-commerce trends in the present year:

  1. Transparent pricing:

This is one of the key factors which drives success in any industry. Pricing must be keen and the buyer must be satisfied with the price tag. A reasonable rate for a product must be clipped so that the buyer makes a habit of buying products from a specific seller regularly due to which trust automatically sets in between the seller and the buyer.

Around 50% of the buyers look for transparent pricing and also, and they want an easy way of approach to interacting with the salespersons.

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  1. Various payment options:

Payment options in fact are a salient feature. The more the number of options the more consumers would tend to use the site or app. If you want to increase the conversion rate, it is mandatory to integrate different payment choices so that you don’t lose any customers.

The rate of increase in buying the products by the buyers will gradually show an increment in your sales.

Many payment options such as Pay Pal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. can be incorporated as payment methods.

  1. Destination page:

This is the page where the customers land as soon as they click the site. The first thing any human eye notices is interesting and eye-catching features and colors. The page must look attractive and clear.

-You need to make sure that a clear explanation is given in the form of content as to which problems you look at.

-The buying process must be easy and not complex.

-Mention if there are any offers/discounts.

There is various page-building software that can be used and the attributes can easily be dragged and dropped to your online storefront. Moreover, the details of the buyer are captured at the back-end and these details can be mostly used if there is a payment issue or whatsoever.

  1. VR and AR:

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) have been extensively used in a B2C scenario. Whereas in B2B marketing, the usage of AR and VR is increasing. The actual potential of using AR and VR is they help the buyers in identifying the products clearly. Suppose if there are engineering kinds of materials such as towers, parts of machines, etc. – at that point, AR and VR can be used to get the real feel of the material. There are even AR headsets that have come up to facilitate such a tedious process in a simple manner.

  1. Support:

Support is a way to get connected with your customers and make sure that their problem is resolved. Good support from a seller builds trust. If customers face any issue and the responsible support staff is not dealing with the problem in the right manner, then the specific customer might share his/her experience on the social platform too. So, this builds negativity and a poor brand name for the business.

To ensure things are moving in a good way, make sure that live chat, messengers or chatbots, call service, and contact numbers of the staff are mentioned.

Also, performing regular customer service audits would help to some extent.

Another way of approach is to integrate AI chatbots so that data is captured and appropriate response is made in time.

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  1. ERP:

To provide a personalized shopping experience, sellers can use the Enterprise Resource Planning platform to incorporate purchases, inventory, marketing, etc.

Some of the buyers are interested in choosing their sellers based on personalization attributes and hence ERP platform would be a good idea to create a personalized shopping experience.

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  1. Voice commerce:

Voice commerce is another significant feature. The technology regarding this component is still in the early days. And, definitely over the years to come, technology regarding voice commerce aspect would grow and moreover buyers intend to also search for voice capabilities on the web page. So, sellers can keep a watch regarding this attribute to increase their conversion rates.

These 7 trends are the latest and every B2B company must ensure that these components are added to their online storefront to improve their sales and attract more buyers.


As discussed, the e-Commerce platform is swiftly moving ahead in terms of technology.

Shopify plus is also another great option for merchants to build their online store.

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