Know the particular cost and features that you will get with Flipboard Clone Application Development

cost and features that you will get with Flipboard Clone Application Development

The pretty new Flip board Clone application will help you in combining the best stories in the whole world, making it easier for all of the fans to actually get news all around the entire world in one place. Start it off and use millions of heads each and every day. Claim your own Flip board Smartphone, updated to pull together news, popular stories, hot tips, and discussions from every corner of the world about every pursuit or even passion.

Resources included


Keep your own news readers updated with some instant push alerts to Android and even Ios powered by further Google Cloud Messaging.


Categorize perhaps the actual content and make it easy to walk around to find the right content.


Swipe up or otherwise swipe down the particular gesture for loading and scrolling through the news quickly.


Share material with your peers or social media by simply tapping the Share button.


Admin heavily moderated and up-to-the-point content to somehow give you extremely sharp, fast, and crisp news.

See the demo

Get Android and otherwise Ios updates for free. Since after all, building an organization does not have to cost you a blast!

Solutions that we deliver

Turnkey Solutions

Any of our goods are ‘Turnkey.’ You will begin mostly with 0 time-to-market, grab the biggest market share and otherwise become the champion with whom everyone else actually plays catch-up. Usually, 5000USD to 20,000 USD is charged for this application here at NBT solutions and the Hourly Rate is 15USD to 20 USD.

Efficient Dashboard Admin

Admin Dashboard allows you power over all facets of web and Smartphone applications. Sending the Push alerts, moderating posts, user functions, and otherwise, categories management has made it easier.

Scalable goods

The stable and perhaps robust backend server of PBN is fully scalable. This is somehow the best bet which you can somehow hope for if your own marketing ambitions are massive.

Solution of the White label

The entire product is indeed white-labeled for the consumers. We give complete permission to somehow rebrand and otherwise evolve with our line.


At either standard, pricing for this amazing script is cheaper than some other scripts on the market. This is the perfect way to encourage fellow entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true.

Web Native Applications

The script usually comes with the Native Android and otherwise Native Ios applications that are cleverly designed and greatly optimized for the best performance.

Features of the APP

Instant media networking

Did you see a beautiful post that you want to share with your own friends? You can do this with a singular tap of the Sharing button

Learn more on the app

You will read full news from the original publication using our in-app web browser. Links are not accessed in another mobile browser.

Refresh the headlines

Get to the topmost area of the news after just scrolling through several articles and otherwise load the latest content by pressing the Refresh button.

Easy-Access Group

All news is classified for the comfort of the public. Only reading the news which interests you by merely picking a category.