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    Know the basic cost and features of teladoc Clone Application Development

    Know the basic cost and features of teladoc Clone Application Development

    Amit Shukla

    The online healthcare industry is expanding, and with each passing day, more companies are developing in the market. If you want to join this prolific market, what you need is an innovative telemedicine program that can allow healthcare practitioners to streamline their functionalities and otherwise end-users to conveniently communicate with medical doctors in their chosen specialization.

    At NBT solutions, we specialize in the creation of Teladoc Clone Applications to deliver cutting-edge and efficient telemedicine solutions. Our experienced developers work to ensure that our software complies with all other health sector legislation and provide the consumers with a safe and smooth app experience. Connect to us for configuring and starting your flexible telemedicine application today!

    Right from the start of Coronavirus transmission, the use of telemedicine technologies to reach healthcare practitioners has taken place at an exponential pace. Several nations share part of the costs of COVID-19 to extend their telemedicine programs to support their population in the wake of the global pandemic. Hospitals and private physicians are now taking their internet services mostly as a standard measure to deliver the timely medical type of assistance to the patients.

    Patients who require daily follow-ups mostly with their physicians to keep their chronic illnesses under management can find all these solutions incredibly helpful. It lets them prevent needless travel at this terrifying time, along with the availability of medical assistance. In addition, people with some mild symptoms of further COVID-19 can indeed seek some assistance by telemedicine solutions and otherwise carry out further consultations just only if they are somehow found to be infected. Telemedicine solutions, therefore, play a major role in disrupting the chain of transmission of viruses and providing urgent medical advice.

    Our Teladoc Software Clone technologies are patient-centric and configured to help virtual appointments, appointment plans, minimize in-clinical visits, instant health tracking, easy access to the patient medical records, and otherwise many more. Our software is built by experienced professionals who totally understand the healthcare sector inside out to ensure that they comply with all of the regulations which are in the industry. We at NBT solutions usually charge 5000USD to 20,000 USD for one time and our Hourly Rate is 15USD to 20 USD.

    On-demand Doctor Application

    We create doctor’s applications for further Android, iOS, and even Windows devices, where patients can communicate directly to physicians via real-time video calls, exchange medical history, and collect digital prescriptions.

    MHealth Application

    Our experienced experts are designing state-of-the-art Smartphone applications that can be conveniently attached to wearable devices to access real-time consumer health alerts. These applications are available on somehow both the web and Smartphone platforms.

    Remote Health Management Solutions are automated technologies that warn healthcare practitioners to pay attention once again to patients in the case of some medical emergency. The app is combined with smart devices or otherwise IoT devices/sensors for accessing the wellbeing of the user.

    Medicine Distribution Integration

    Our technologies can be expanded to offer the delivery of drugs. You may choose to add it into our own telemedicine program so that patients can communicate directly to the pharmacists. Pharmacists can view the automated prescriptions of patients and apply for their orders accordingly.

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