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    How User Experience Can Increases The User’s Interaction?

    Amit Shukla

    User Experience: its integration into the Customer Experience

    Online marketing should not be the only area in which the company develops the user experience. On the contrary, it has a lot to contribute to the field of customer experience, and it is essential to frame it in a global and customer-centric strategy.

    This concept, according to the previous definition, implies a high interaction component. However, due to its origins in online marketing, experts link it closely with the web environment and the digital realm.

    Therefore, it is necessary to broaden this perspective on User Experience and place it as an essential component of a global Customer Experience strategy.

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    Integrating the User know-how into the client Experience

    With the aim that the User Experience contributes and acts as a lever for the Customer Experience, in addition to a product or service that meets adequate usability parameters (understood as a measure of the quality/ease of the experience that a user has when interacting with a product or system), it must encourage the user to live a differential and memorable experience.

    Consequently, the design must take into account what the user expects and what they value in their interactions with these types of products.

    This includes the emotional aspects that affect the user’s cognitive processes, which influence their relationship with that product or service: emotion generates memory, memory conditions future decisions of the user, and these decisions are business.

    Thus, the final utility of UX is the formation of a positive or negative perception of said service, product, or device. However, to be truly aligned with Customer Experience, you must meet your strategic objectives while meeting your users’ needs and exceeding their expectations. The fact is, even the best content and the most sophisticated technology won’t help balance those goals without a consistent and consistent user experience to back it up.

    With this in mind, you must focus on positioning the user at the center of the User Experience design, making use of the necessary means to extract information about him: knowing what he wants, expects, and values when he interacts with the product.

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    In summary, you can say that User Experience is the result of the interactive phenomenon that is established during the user’s interaction with a product or service and which is influenced by both individuals, social, cultural, contextual factors and those of the product, also having into consideration factors such as emotional behavior, product reliability, design, and aesthetics.

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    You also have, as a complement, cases outside the online world that you can include within Customer Experience but that, without a doubt, have a direct link with the essential components of UX.

    These factors range from strategy to usability, brand identity, information architecture, visual design, or interaction design. To the extent that this entire process has the user at the center as its objective and collaborator, the User Experience will positively impact the Customer Experience.

    A good User Experience, appropriately integrated into the Customer Experience, can be a great source of competitive advantage.

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