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    Full Stack Developer

    How to become a full-stack developer?

    Amit Shukla

    A lot of chances to boom your career to make a full stack developer. A full-stack developer is a person who has experience in frontend, backend, and server-side. it does not mean he is an expert in all areas but he is to be knowledgeable in all technologies and should be able to understand that what is the processes happening within the entire project.

    Frontend: This is the part of a web or mobile app that is visible for the user to use.
    Backend: This part is function behind side your application screen which is executing the command issued by the user.

    if you want to become a full-stack developer follow few simple steps.

    Step 1:Learn Some Programming Languages.

    the full-stack developer needs to know about some programming languages for mobile and web applications Java/Kotlin/Swift/Python/C/C#/

    Java and Kotlin are popular languages for android application development and also with Swift are using in IOS application development. both platforms are more popular for mobile devices.HTML5/CSS3/JQUERY/javaScript

    Web application developers, need to know about HTML tags and CSS to make UI (user interface ) part. jquery and JavaScript can be used in both front-end and back-end processes MSSQL/MySQL/MongoDBFor the Server-side you should know database structure and SQL queries.

    Step 2:Improve your programming logics

    Programming logic is a fundamental key for the developer. if you are a front-end developer you are facing complex algorithms, and if you are a back-end developer maybe a little more. so you need to solve the logical puzzle, conditional statement, and try to solve problems by writing code.

    Step 3:Learn Project Designing patterns

    In application development, Design patterns are programming language independent strategies for solving a common problem. designing patterns show relationships between classes or objects. the design patterns you can make your code more maintainable, flexible, and reusable. it doesn’t mean that you must use design patterns in your project. it just resolves your project’s common problem.

    Step 4:Personal growth

    Before you become a software developer professionally, you should have improved communication, creativity, and Time management skills.

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