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    How Much Does a Website Cost? A Detailed Guide for Website and Web App Pricing

    Amit Shukla

    Before starting with the website cost, these below questions shoot up in the mind of customers prior to building up any new website:

    1. How much is the cost we are going to input for building a website?
    2. Whether the website can be developed by us or should I hire web developer?
    3. Whether we need a customized website?
    4. Features .i.e. what kind of plugins do we need to add to a website according to our business?
    5. Do we need a highly customized website for which we have to hire web developers or freelancers?
    6. How much we are going to pay for the web developers?
    7. What is the marketing strategy we are going to plan for a website to become popular?
    8. Maintenance cost of websites?

    So, these are the above few questions of customers. After the customers plan and have the answers to the above few questions, they take the help of web developers and continue the process.

    Did you ever think how many dollars can a website cost?

    Website cost relies upon many elements together with for which purpose we are constructing a website.

    Websites range from low to high costs. It depends on the requisites of us. If we want the website to look simple it costs less, around 100$. If we want the website to look rich and more interesting it costs 40,000$ or more.

    Rate/cost varies and relies on the type of site is built inclusive of business, blogs, articles, shopping, corporate/IT, database website, and many more.

    After concluding for what purpose we are going to build a website, there are few steps which we want to comply with. And those steps may incur costs or may not incur costs.

    Clients tend to hire web developers often for designing many e-commerce portals as they involve little complex functionality to be added on.

    Below is just a rough estimation of the costs of websites:

    Steps/ methods Costs in dollars
    a.       Domain Name 0.95 to 12
    b.      SSL certificate 0 to 1400
    c.       Website hosting 20 to 10000
    d.      Themes 15000 to 13000
    e.      Responsive Designs 3000 to 25000
    f.       Graphics 200 to 20000
    g.      CMS 2000 to 25000
    h.      E-commerce 1500 to 25000
    i.       Web pages 800 to 10000
    k.      Database consolidation 2000 to 25000
    k.       Location and costs Depends on location
    l.        Technical costs and intricacy Depends on the developers hired
    m.      Maintenance costs Depends on location

    Aside from the above costs, there are many more entities to be considered.

    Let’s get started to understand the factors are, which affect the cost of a website.

    The website creation is always linked to the budget. Let’s check out.

    “The right website and cost at the right time”. So, here we are! The website depends largely on budget, “the price”. “Money and comfort go hand – in hand in everyone’s live” Is it not?

    If we want comfort accompanied by luxury, again depends on “money”. So, the same applies in every scenario.

    Here, we are going to discuss various factors which affect the cost of the website.

    1. Domain Registration: The foremost step in building a site is registration of the domain name which gives authorization or permission for the user to access through. It gives a distinctive user name that can be used exclusively only by the registered user. This step incurs few dollars annually.
    2. SSL certificate: Secure Sockets Layer certificate is mandatory for any user to register and claim the certificate. It prevents any hacking or untrustworthy activities on the site.
    3. Website Hosting: Hosting enables allowing users to browse through the website. It is the gateway for accessing websites for the users.
    4. Designs: Web designs play an important role because users are drawn to the web designs when they first browse through the site. Designs create interest in the users and hence motivate them to stay on the site for a longer period of time.
    5. Responsive design: It helps the user to browse through any device and gives a flexible, flawless, and comfortable browsing.
    6. Website pages: Website pages are also important along with the content. It is often priced to the clients along with the designs and price of web pages includes according to the number of pages too.
    7. Graphics: Graphics are interactive visual effects that attract users to the site. It brings a lot of users to the site.
    8. CMS: CMS helps in emending the website. It helps in the modification of the site without changing the code and minor changes or updates can be done easily without the dependence of an expert web developer.
    9. E-commerce: e-commerce includes many functional plugins because it involves loading products on web pages, payments, and many more. So, the cost depends on the added functionality.
    10. Database consolidation: It helps to store all the valuable information from the client and consumer side as well. It helps customers by knowing few deals or offers according to the seasons where the information is sent through emails. So, these statistics are all stored with the help of a database that can also be customized according to the requirements, and the fee is charged accordingly.
    11. Technological features and intricacy: Based on the requisites provided by the client, the complexities range from low – high for a website. Also, it depends on the type of website being created. Custom web developments require coding works to be done such as:
    12. Back-end: server-side development where the website operates using the main code such as Ruby (recommended), Elixir, Python, PHP, Java, etc.
    13. Front-end: Client-side development where the user browses through the web pages and applications. It refers to the frontal view, pages, etc. of the site. The site is operated using mark-up languages such as HTML/CSS3, etc.
    14. Application Programming Interface: Few adjures to associate front and back end as well. Few third-party integrations are also necessary for certain sites such as PayPal, Google pay, Stripe, etc.
    15. Location and Costs: Anywhere in the world, the price for developing a website varies according to the country, place, and time. The choice is up to the clients if they want the site to be developed by either a freelancer remotely or to hire a web development company. Complexity and time also matter.
    Country Min Price Max Price
    North America 100$/hr 250$/hr
    Australia 70$/hr 140$/hr
    Europe 60$/hr 150/hr
    India 20$/hr 50/hr
    1. Maintenance costs of the website: Depends on the location and maintenance of the website is necessary in order to keep the website error-free, secured, efficient, and updated.

    Complexities of websites:

    1. Normal/fundamental websites: Various business organizations may require small to big websites. Small business organizations require a basic website structure and minimum website maintenance.
    Normal Website Minimum Maximum
    Hours 50 100
    Cost-India(20$/hrs) 1000$ 2000$
    Cost-USA(100$/hrs) 5000$ 10000$
    1. Mediator level websites: Medium and large-scale organizations depending on their businesses may require additional features to be added upon.
    Mediator Website Minimum Maximum
    Hours 150 600
    Cost-India(20$/hrs) 2000$ 10000$
    Cost-USA(100$/hrs) 10000$ 60000$
    1. Web applications: E-commerce portals, SaaS-based Tools, and Marketplace. These web applications are online e-stores where various types of products are sold. So, they require professional web developers to develop according to the e-commerce businesses and add required features by the usage of plugins. Payment functionalities such as PayPal, google pay, etc. many more functionalities need to be used in building these applications. Also, users need to have flexible browsing. These applications must work flawlessly on any mobile device.

    These e-commerce applications are scalable during any deals or offers which the website provides during some occasions for the users.

    E-commerce Website Minimum Maximum
    Hours 250 1000
    Cost-India(20$/hrs) 4000$ 20000$
    Cost-USA(100$/hrs) 20000$ 150000$

    Marketing Strategy:

    Marketing is an important strategy opted by every business in order to gain attention from audiences. If it’s a product-based website people should tend to buy the product. Businesses try to publicize the site through emails, ads, pamphlets, optimizing a site for SEO, content marketing, doing few surveys, and much more. This step also incurs few dollars.  It is applicable to any website.

    Here are some of the types of websites:

    1. E-commerce portals
    2. Business
    3. Blog
    4. Brochure
    5. Educational
    6. Entertainment
    7. Non-profit organization
    8. Media
    9. Personal
    10. Portal
    11. Portfolio
    12. Entrepreneur Websites
    13. Food and Health
    14. Houses/property buy or sell… etc.


    So, depending on the above factors such as the type of website, complexity, location, level of design, etc. contribute to the cost factor of a website. It’s just not easy to judge the cost of the website as such. Many complex websites are designed by d who assist and ease the process. Maintenance cost is also involved.

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