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    Mobile App Maintenance Cost

    How much does a backend maintenance of mobile app cost?

    Amit Shukla

    Back-end applications serve the purpose of front-end services. Any Mobile App Company offers maintenance services for apps mostly. If you want your app to be maintained, then no worries. Many App companies are there for your aid.  This article will let you know the Mobile App Maintenance Cost for Android and iOS.

    Hence Hire Backend Developers are in great demand and the demand is growing rapidly day by day. Back-end maintenance costs depend on the type of app and various other features.

    First, why do we need to maintain an app?

    1. Maintenance of an app is necessary in order to keep up with all the updates and to maintain track of the app.
    2. When new mobile devices are launched, apps might not work. So, the app must be updated with the newer versions.
    3. The apps must be compatible with any kind of OS and must perform well.
    4. Changes must be made in the programming language as well so that the app works appropriately.
    5. The apps which run on interfaces must also be updated so that they perform well.
    6. Security patches must also be updated in order to keep up the apps on track.

    Also, the customers must use your app and should not deviate from your app.

    So, these are the above reasons as to why you need to update or maintain your app. Besides the above-said reasons, there are few other factors as well.

    Let us know briefly discuss on Mobile App Maintenance costs involved:

    1. Platform

      Cost depends on the kind of platform you require maintenance. Like if you need the maintenance for android, iOS, Ipad, etc. . Also, the cost of maintenance varies from one kind of app to the other due to the complexities involved.

    2. Updates and Security:

      Once the app is developed and published, then it definitely requires maintenance. Updates must be released in a timely manner so that the app works on any kind of device and in any kind of environment. There are many changes made to OS every now and then. So, to cope up with the kind of OS and other environmental factors, it is necessary to update the app and release it so that the app works promptly as usual.

    It is also important to update the app with the necessary security patches so that the data of the user in the app is secured and the structure of the app remains upright.

    1. Good user experience

      In order to provide a good user experience, it is mandatory for the app to be up to date and also improve back-end performance.

    2. According to trends:

      Maintain your app according to the ongoing trend and release some fresh UI elements to engage and create interest in users.

    Maintenance costs start from 600$ per year and the figure might go big based on the kind of app and complexity involved in the app you own.


    So, here in this post, we have discussed the backend maintenance costs of an app. The basic maintenance cost of an app starts at 600$ and it might go up to large numbers. Costs largely vary on the kind of app and complexities involved. Mobile App Development Company mostly recruits backend developers for developing the app and maintaining the app as well. This article most probably gives you a rough idea and just an estimation of the maintenance cost involved. Hire Mobile App Developer to get customized solutions.

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