Food Delivery App Development Cost in India

Food Delivery App Development Cost in India

Even with the pandemic outbreak around the globe the food delivery market is rapidly increasing worldwide. Food is one of the necessities is which will not have many negative effects even after a bad situation. According to various reports, it even crossed the net worth of 30 billion US dollars worldwide. With the rapid increase of the usage of internet by the smartphone users, food ordering and food delivery platforms are also being reached properly.

Food delivery app development is on the rise as they are the best way to meet the target demand of the customers. Although proper analysis and reports are required to know about the entire industry and where the competitors are failing in this business sector. It is much like the restaurant tables are being replaced by the smartphone which can be easily used for ordering various food.

It is also required to know about the prospects and the cost which revolves around the food delivery app development services before entering this industry. We need to keep in mind that every customer would require a smooth and responsive experience from every app while embracing the technology for building a food delivery app. There are multiple food delivery apps already available in the market which would cost around $3,500 to $9,500 in a country like India.

It is also noteworthy that customized food delivery app development can even cause more depending on the requirement and implementation of the functionality. It is also recommended to choose a skilled and experienced development company for vital projects like food delivery app development.

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Much Needed Features in Food Delivery App Development:

Various features need to be implemented into the food delivery app development which will enable the customers to get attracted. Facilities at the main reason which will enable the customers to embrace your App among your competitors. We have listed a few of the much-needed features in every food delivery app development service.

  • Advance food ordering functionality.
  • Multiple payment options with secure getaways such as Google pay, PayPal, net banking, credit card, debit card, cash on delivery, etc.
  • The app needs to be functional 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Reordering of food functionality.
  • Food order scheduling with customized time.
  • Applying various coupons and codes for cashback and discount offers on every food order purchase.
  • Proper search filter implementation for searching various menus, restaurants, and delivery options near the delivery location.
  • Online payment commission system for every delivery which will ensure the revenue income through the food delivery app.

We need to be completely aware of the situation on the food ordering near the location which offers multiple cuisines production from different restaurants from different cities. The app also needs to have the functionalities of selecting any particular dishes and even browsing through various waters of food before ordering them. And it is mandatory to have securely online payments for every food delivery app.

The initial cost of the food delivery app development is the same by the comparison of the development of the website. Various choices need to be fulfilled by the app and main which includes the choice of hardware, software, and platform. The project must be given to seasoned developers who are working with similar projects for a long time. We need to do a thorough analysis of all the restaurants near various locations which will speed up the delivery and billing process.

The more restaurants get added to the app will attract more customers directly without any marketing process. There is various implementation that is much required which includes mobile ordering, digital menu boards, Facebook ordering, online coupon, voter id check out, etc. Most of the features are already been implemented into various food delivery app but you can also customize according to the brand which will make it unique.

Cost of Delivery App Development Services:

The estimated cost for developing a smartphone food delivery app would be around $4,500 to $12,000. Various basic expenses are included in the development of the food delivery app which is both applicable for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Developer’s Expenses:

The estimated cost of hiring a developer would be around $35 per hour or even $100 a month. The expense may vary depending on the services you are choosing and the company you are selecting for the development of the app.

  • Gathering Cost:

This is the most expensive part of the development period which involves conferences, social affairs, collecting requirements with also includes staffing and employment strategies.

  • Development and Design:

The cost of the development and design for the food delivery app in tally depends on the company that is selecting the package for development. This also includes the requirement for different licenses anyone needs to hire staff for the development process to be completely customized and confidential.

  • Testing and Deployment:

This is the final phase of every development process which will cover a lot of investment for testing the prototype of the application. Everything is to be properly tested before the final deployment into the platform. This will make sure that the application will be completely bug and glitch-free once it is being released to the platform. One-time distribution charges also need to be paid by the app admin into the platforms which are around $20.

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Features of Food Delivery Apps:

Various features are included in the food delivery app and the app is divided into 3 types for proper engagement. Three separate Apps will be developed which include admin, customer, and owner. We have listed all the possible features that would need to be added in the different sections of the food delivery app.

Customer App:

  • Address book
  • Restaurant details
  • Navigation menu
  • Place order
  • Sign up
  • Rewards, coupons, and loyalty points
  • Current offers
  • Filtering restaurants by cuisines

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Admin App:

  • Restaurant management
  • Order management
  • Admin login
  • Application management
  • Payment management
  • Technical payment

Owner’s App:

  • Search by various food categories
  • Sign in
  • Order status and tracking
  • Searching by food categories
  • Help and support
  • Choose payment method

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