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    Features to develop the right Android applications

    Amit Shukla

    Android Apps have controlled different business industries like social media, messaging apps, e-commerce apps, on-demand apps, and enterprise apps, etc. Therefore, it becomes essential for the developers of the best Android app Development Company to focus comprehensively while integrating the important features. Due to increasing competition in the industry, your app must focus on minute details.

    Moreover, the latest trends in the mobile app development industry offer a scope to add new and interesting features. It is customer-friendly and draws the user’s attention instantly. As per your business needs and requirements, you can customize your app features.

    1. Simplicity

    The decision of downloading an app is very quick. Therefore, if the customer cannot access your application easily, they might get directed to your competitor’s app. Clear, uncluttered screens lead to the next step in the app process and it can improve the customer experience and will encourage them to continue to use it.

    1. Speed

    Fast loading screens are important for all mobile app development services, as no one likes waiting. Speed means an appropriate set of graphics that do not fetch large tables and databases. You must keep it simple and quick.

    1. Good image resolution

    Balance your app speed against functionality and resolution. It ensures that the screen is sufficiently detailed to make the user experience worthwhile. Today, users expect to have hi-definition and millions of colors in their application. Anything less can directly or indirectly impact your business sales.

    1. Flexibility

    The three main mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows must be present in every application to achieve the best out of your app. Android apps are easy to upload to the Play Store, but iOS needs to be tried and tested by Apple. It does not implement different coding but the screen sizes and resolutions might be different.

    1. Security

    Internet security is an ever-increasing issue and essential for your application. Many applications stores personal and sensitive information or credit and debit card details. Therefore, security is an absolute must.

    1. Bright and bold color schemes

    Important factors like eye-grabbing color schemes can pull your customers towards your application. Your app must look stylish and professional at the same time by adding complementary colors from the color wheel.

    1. Push notifications

    Push notifications in your mobile app development services are easier to send and less likely to end up in a spam folder. It includes text, graphics, or a combination of both to send content that users might be interested in. The relevant and personalized push messaging aims solely at the specific user and is likely to be of interest to them.


    However, having all the important features in your business application adds to your development costs. Therefore, before committing anything to code, you must understand what those costs could be. A mobile calculator can be a useful tool for this process. It examines the proposed features and elements and accurately derives the cost for your app development services. The analysis of cost calculation helps you to understand more about your investment or apply in-app advertising that will fund and pay back your investment too.

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