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    Factors affecting the cost of developing educational apps for kids

    Amit Shukla

    Education is no longer a tedious thing to do. Today, it is possible to study anytime and anywhere using only a smartphone. The education market has become a platform for tech innovations and an important industry for business.

    How to monetize an educational app?

    1. Freemium

    It is the most typical monetization model for educational apps. It offers an abridged version to the users and suggests buying the full version. However, even the free version must be fully functional. For instance, Memrise is the free version with all the same lessons as the paid ones, but its subscription lets you access automated pronunciation checking and a grammar bot.

    1. Free trial

    Offering a free trial is another common monetization model among educational app developers of the next big technology app development company. The popular brain training app uses this model. With a free trial, full access has been given to all app features for a limited time, and ask them to pay if they would like to continue.

    How to monetize an educational app

    1. Ads

    Ads are the monetization model that should be used with caution in an educational app. Interrupting a lesson with an ad disrupts the focus of the users and is considered a big drawback. While deciding to go for ads, your educational app development company might have strategy suggestions based on market research.

    1. Paid download

    Users can easily access the paid download monetization model. It is a valid option for education service providers with an established business that already has clients. Most of the schools, universities, and owners of all kinds of courses can hire educational app developers to expand their reach and facilitate their students’ learning experience.

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    What is the actual cost to develop an educational app?

    While estimating the cost of an app, a lot of things need to be considered with learning app development. For instance, the support of your application for audio playback. Save mobile games and few apps require audio integration as much as apps for studying. In addition, it is highly recommended to build both for Android and iOS right away for education apps since even in a single classroom there are usually students with both types of devices.

    The core development team for an educational app development process includes 1 Project manager, 1 UI/UX designer, 1-2 iOS developers, 1-2 Android developers, 1 QA specialist, 1 Sound designer, etc. To make an educational app, localization will add another layer to the cost. Therefore, VR or AR integration lets you decide that. Making a language learning app will also need to hire native speakers to record words and sentences. There are many extras for different types of learning apps. On the other hand, while considering application development, educational app development services will cost you about $48,000 and more.


    Education is a significant part of every person’s life. Self-education with mobile apps will someday replace most classroom courses and institutions. Nobody can deny the fact that education is already a profitable niche in today’s mobile market.

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