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    Domain Authority is good but Relevant Links Are Even Better

    Amit Shukla

    Certainly, Domain authority is a good metric, after all, who hates to see what a website scores out of 100?

    In some cases, it really can be a useful metric, but relying totally on it and shaping marketing strategies by just looking at DA can be a riskier choice.


    Why it can be riskier?

    Although Google states very clearly that “Domain authority is not the metric they use to rank any website”, but in a recent study by ahref they “discovered a significant connection between DA and SERP ranking”.

    During a link-building campaign, people should not simply rely upon a third-party metric, because the DA tells only a half side of a picture.

    Some of us might have observed that even though an update in algorithm lowers DA, yet there are websites that see improvement in their rankings and traffic.

    Significantly when analyzing a link-building campaign it’s the rankings and traffic that are the most important factors.

    But when people are analyzing DA over relevance link, it’s to be seen that relevance wins.

    Similarly, if a website is having a high DA but is irrelevant, so there is no use for it, neither in the eyes of search engines and nor will it look natural.

    Don’t think that it’s hard to get High DA websites with relevancy, in fact, there are a lot of high DA relevant websites that can help boost other websites’ authority.

    Domain Authority DA

    Ultimately these relevant high DA websites are the best way to go for any webmaster while looking to work on link-building campaigns.

    According to leading experts, relevancy and authority both should be assessed while a link-building campaign.

    This means both have their own respective importance but when focusing on one thing, relevant links would be a smarter choice.

    Now to justify this statement let us dive into a few reasons why relevant links are better than DA, even though DA has its own importance.


    Now why Domain Authority is good when relevant links are even better?

    They both have their own respective importance but as we mentioned earlier DA is not the all-in solution to go with.

    Just to elaborate what role does DA plays in a link-building strategy?

    Let’s see what MOZ has to say about it:

    “Domain authority is search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

    A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.”

    Now the thing is there are altogether 40 factors involved to gauge a DA few are known while others are unknown.

    Therefore no matter how effective anyone puts SEO efforts, this score will vary.

    Seamlessly DA should be used as a comparative metric and not the all-in end parameter to make changes to link-building campaigns.


    How to check DA?

    Although there are numerous tools helping assess the DA of a website, how will someone know which one is the right choice for him/her?

    There are many domain authority checkers which gauge the authority of a website through backlink quality and quantity.

    Most of the time during link-building campaigns people have to evaluate several websites’ authority altogether this tool can be helpful in checking bulk links all at once.

    Other metrics measured by this tool are Spam score, IP address, Number of pages, Service, or product of the link.

    1. Visit https://www.prepostseo.com/domain-authority-checker
    2. Paste URL in the text box
    3. Click ‘Check Authority’

    Domain Authority Data

    Domain authority is Visible

    DA score is eye appealing, as human beings, we all are obsessed with stats, figures, percentages, and numbers.

    It makes life easier with these stats, comparison numbers, especially for digital marketers when comparing several websites’ authority.


    Simply a score from 0-100 scales the SEO efforts of a webmaster, isn’t that cool.

    Yeah, it’s cool anyone can quickly measure or compare different websites and make an opinion about them.

    But just like some other metrics, it doesn’t show the other side of the picture.

    It’s good apart from another side of the picture that it reflects an image of how much a webmaster has invested in SEO efforts for his/her website.

    Thanks to the DA parameter that converts all those efforts into a single score.

    Surely it seems worthy.


    Why relevant links are even better than domain authority

    Although DA benefits are quite important but relying solely on it is not a good practice when someone is pursuing a link.

    While working on building links, relevancy is the crucial factor as compare to other things because it makes the link look natural inhabitance.

    These are legitimate natural links.

    It seems natural and useful to the user as it helps the reader to read relevant content that might grab his attention and get more to know about the website.

    Even in the eyes of Google, it would look like a good authentic referable link because both the niche are relevant and they are complimenting both each other while adding value to the user.


    Relevance is more scalable than DA

    Visibility is not always the best piece of pie on a plate it can have its drawbacks.

    When something is measurable means it has fluctuating properties. Hence DA can upsurge or downturn.

    Looking at the back end of DA there are factors few known while others are unknown, so SEO efforts can vary without being under our control.

    Most of us know that finding high authority links can be a daunting task, it’s immensely effortless to find a large list of relevant links in the same niche than to find high authority links list.

    Domain Authority Analytics

    Now, this doesn’t mean it’s quite impossible to find the relevant links but it will certainly pay off the hard work once collaborated with.


    In the long run, relevant links are more sustainable and more organic than DA

    In a link-building strategy, sustainability is a crucial role player. The natural inhabitance of relevant links makes it more sustainable.

    Some people implement wrong practices in SEO therefore they improve their website DA, whereas in relevancy there is no cheat code “similar to black hat”.

    Basically, relevant links became an asset of a website in a long run.

    While considering relevant links important things should be noted down:

    • Create content that people love to share
    • Link content that adds value to the user

    The ultimate result of pursuing relevancy will be the authority of the website will increase, as well as it will empower the entire SEO profile of the website.

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