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    Real-Life Lessons About Did Android Or Apple Come First

    Real-Life Lessons About Did Android Or Apple Come First

    Amit Shukla

    Let us try to find out which is the best platform in today’s digital world. Also, let us try to find out which platform Did Android Or Apple Come First. Any App Development Company focuses on both kinds of platforms. Let us also analyze the pros and cons of both platforms.

    Mobile users are widely growing day by day. The count is increasing tremendously giving opportunity for thousands of App development companies to develop the app on both kinds of platforms.

    How are Android apps developed: Which is the best platform Android or iOS

    Android apps:

    1. To construct Android apps, developers use Java, C++ as the programming languages.
    2. Developers use few google development tools such as Android Jetpack, Firebase, and Android SDK.

    Let us now try to find out the variation of Android Pros and Cons:

    Pros of Android apps

    1. Open Source: Developers find it easy and flexible as they have access to more complex features which is not the case in iOS platforms.
    2. Publish: Also, the apps are very much easier to release and publish in Google play.

    Cons of Android apps

    1. Disintegration: This is the main drawback for Android apps. Android apps come in different resolutions and sizes, etc. So, the developers might find it a little hard and it is a time-consuming process.
    2. Testing: It takes up some time for testers to test bugs because Android versions and devices alter.
    3. Cost: Sometimes, developing and testing processes take some time which in turn adversely affects the cost and the rate may go up.

    iOS Apps:

    Build iOS apps, is not so flexible for developers as it is not open source code for the iOS platform. There are several restrictions. Here Swift and Objective C language is most probably preferred.

    1. IOS SDK comes up with a Cocoa UI framework where several graphical elements and UI controls are incorporated.
    2. XCode is the developmental environment for iOS app development. Swift is the development region for Swift.
    3. TestFlight is an online conjugation which is really an advantage. Here you can test your iOS apps and fix the bugs before the app is released.

    Pros of iOS apps:

    1. Gains: Apple users purchase apps whereas it is not the case in Android apps. So, this generates revenue for the Mobile App Development Companies.
    2. Design: Apple provides elaborate design and style guide UI which is time-saving for developers.
    3. Apple apps work only on iOS devices as we already know. So, the app is apt for a limited number of devices and screens.

    Cons of iOS apps:

    1. Release: Apple adheres to strict guidelines and it is not easy to release your app on Apple I-store. Before you actually submit your app, the developers are subject to submitting the app in real testing mode. Where, if in this step the testing fails, again the time happens to lag.
    2. Pliable: As it is a closed source model, it is not so flexible for developers to develop the app. IOS apps are difficult to customize


    Now, you might have got a clear-cut difference between Android and iOS apps. There are advantages and disadvantages for both the kind of platforms.

    Choosing the kind of platform depends on two kinds of scenarios:

    You can opt for iOS app development when:

    1. If you want the development to be hassle-free.
    2. If you want to receive more profits or revenue per user.

    You can opt for Android app development if you:

    1. Want to stretch to a wider rate of audience.
    2. Want to release the app without any hurdles in the Google play store.
    3. To customize the app and incorporate the features as you wish.

    You can hire an App Development Company for your assistance to get your app designed on the kind of platform you wish for. All the best!

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