Cost and features of Non-Emergency Medical Transport Software Development

Cost and features of Non-Emergency Medical Transport Software Development

We recognize that any NEMT service provider actually operates under specific circumstances. The arrangement now for Medicaid expansion, Medicare, and otherwise insurance-funded programs varies mostly by state; service providers might mainly cover urban or even rural areas and may operate for a single major funder or otherwise multiple funders.

NEMT transport platform helps you to easily create optimized schedules and also has versatile scheduling and otherwise dispatch modules that can be configured to meet specific needs. Other responsibilities include: streamlining back-office procedures such as billing, strengthening coordination with car drivers, and otherwise enhancing customer support.

With a variety of businesses emerging for making the lives of end-users pretty simple, non-emergency medical transporting related software has just made it on the major list. Its success is attributed to the additional comfort provided to people accessing travel facilities by medical appointments and other such health-related services.

Our state-of-the-art tech solution helps you to ship cars, plan rides, share customized paths, process payments, and more. With many companies emerging to make the lives of further end-users easy, non-emergency medical transportation tech has recently been placed on the map. Its success is attributed to the additional comfort provided to people accessing travel facilities by medical appointments and other such health-related services. Our team of NBT solutions usually charges 5000USD to 20,000 USD for one time and 15USD to 20 USD per hour.

Our leading-edge tech solution helps you to ship vehicles, scheduling the rides, exchange optimized routes, process payments, and otherwise more. Our experienced experts have developed applications with sophisticated tools and technology to provide streamlined functionality.

Automated Timetable

Step beyond paper-based processes and waste less time planning automatic scheduling and sometimes dispatch plans. The book instead of a single or regular batch trip with amazing fluidity.

Real-Time Release

Accommodate adjustments to plans on the same day, such as with the will-calls, last-minute travel demands, and late as usual cancellations, without compromising quality or on-time results.


Mark and track legally required driver and car certification, licenses, preparation, and insurance. Improve conformity with billing and lessen the number of canceled trips.

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Maintain a comprehensive and reliable inventory of drivers, cars, and customers. Document and otherwise respond successfully to compliments, grievances, and other customer relationship management inquiries.


Perform import and export records, such as travels, completion details, and certification. Receive electronic travel requests and send reports on the completion of trips to brokers, health care associations, and private pay sources. Determine service and otherwise payment requirements easily.

Billing/Claims for

Automated electronic data transfer increases billing accuracy and enforcement and decreases the number of refused journeys. Receiving faster refunds from various forms of funding, including several Medicaid, Medicare, and some other arrangements. Transactions conform to HIPAA data protection regulations and audit information is immediately collected.

Customer Alerts, Online Booking and In-Car Applications

Inform clients about the state of their trip mostly with the updates. Enable clients to handle their trips on their own at the ease of Online Booking. Ensure the drivers collect daily journey assignments remotely and any schedule updates through In-Vehicle Applications.