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    Best Practices to Make Your React Website SEO-friendly

    Amit Shukla

    When a website is more visible in search engine results, more people tend to visit it, which makes it more likely that the visitor will become a qualified lead. React J.S. should be at the top of any list of the best JavaScript libraries that help search engines find your website. Developers and customers have been given false information about React’s suitability as an SEO-friendly JavaScript library. Today, we’ll set the record straight.

    In this article, we’ll talk about the main benefits of using React js, how hard it is to make a React website that is SEO-friendly, and the best ways to get around these problems.

    Before moving on, we need to understand what single-page applications (SPAs) are and why we should use React J.S.

    Js is the best platform for SPAs:

    What is SPA, in other words?

    Single-page applications are web apps made up of just one HTML page. This makes them more responsive (SPAs). When different content needs to be handled, the page uses JavaScript APIs like XMLHttpRequest and Fetch to update the body content of a single document.

    Single-page applications have quickly become the norm for making websites because they are flexible and easy to use. But optimizing a website with only one page for search engines is hard. But if you use top-notch front-end JavaScript frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, and Vue, this is easy.

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    Why would you want to use React?

    Here are some of the best reasons to use React J.S. when making a website:

    Source code that stays the same

    When you use React J.S., you don’t have to worry about your code’s reliability. But, if some code needs to be changed, it will only be changed in the relevant subsystem. The framework as a whole will not change.

    This is a big plus for React J.S. when it comes to writing code that works.

    The development tools that React gives you are useful.

    It is easier to write code in React J.S. with the help of the developer toolkit. This set of tools speeds up the development process and saves programmers a lot of time.

    This set of tools can be used with either Chrome or Firefox because they come as a browser add-on.

    React J.S. is a declarative language.

    In React J.S., the DOM is a set of rules. React J.S. automatically changes the DOM, so we can focus on making interactive user interfaces and changing the state of components. This means that you no longer have to change the DOM directly.

    So, it’s easy to make interactive user interfaces and fix any problems. To test the quality of the U.I., you must change the program’s state. You don’t need to know anything about DOM to make the changes.

    Using React J.S. can speed up the process of making software.

    React J.S. lets developers use the same code for an application’s server and client sides. This cuts down on time it takes to make an app.

    Developers can work on different parts of an app without getting in the way of each other or the app’s structure.

    From what we know about how to react js affects SEO and other things, it’s easy to see how important it is. Let’s get started on making a web app that Google likes.

    What are the three most common problems when indexing JavaScript pages?

    Here are some of the most common problems when indexing JavaScript pages. What does it mean?

    Google bots read HTML pages quickly because the indexing process is complicated. Here are two examples to show how indexing HTML pages is different from indexing JavaScript pages:

    So, it’s clear that indexing HTML pages are very different from indexing JavaScript pages. These five steps must be done right for JavaScript pages to be indexed. Indexing JavaScript pages usually takes longer than indexing HTML sites.

    Second, SPAs are difficult to index.

    A single-page application only shows one page at a time. Extra data is only downloaded when it’s needed. So, you can look at the whole website in one tab and read all the pages when you have time.

    This idea is the exact opposite of the usual software with many pages. People use SPAs to have a smoother and faster time on the web.

    Third, mistakes in JavaScript code.

    As was already said, when Google bots crawl the web, they treat HTML and JavaScript sites very differently. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to crawl a page and finding out that you can’t because of a mistake in the JavaScript code.

    The JavaScript parser will not let even one syntax error pass. It stops parsing the current script immediately and thinks about SyntaxError if the parser and character meet at an unexpected point.

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    Major Problems with Search Engine Optimization for a React J.S. Website

    Even though it can be hard to implement React SEO, the higher search engine rankings and better quality output are well worth the trouble. Before getting into solutions, it’s important to know the most common problems.

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    Having to wait for the page to load

    The time needed to read and load The cost of JavaScript is slightly higher than in other languages. Since JavaScript has to make network calls to run the content, the user may have to wait until he gets the information he asked for.

    If users wait too long for the content to load, Google will lower the site’s ranking.

    Second, a sitemap is a file where you list all of your website’s pages and how they connect. This makes it easier and faster for major search engines like Google to crawl your site.

    A sitemap has to be made outside of React because it doesn’t have this capability built-in. If you use React Router for routing, you can get your hands on different tools for making sitemaps. In any case, it takes a long time.

    Not enough dynamic metadata is used

    On the other hand, one-page applications are built in a static way, but they still make things easy for the user because everything they need to know is neatly and unobtrusively shown on a single page.

    But when crawlers click on the SPA link, the information doesn’t get updated immediately, which hurts the SEO of the SPA. Google bots can’t get to that file when they crawl, so they treat the page as if it were empty.

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