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    Teladoc Clone App Development

    Develop a custom build teledoc app for online doctor consulatation

    Build a robust telemedicine mobile app and offer a helping hand to further patients and physicians. Our highly efficient Teladoc clone software solution allows you to achieve immediate traction somehow in the healthcare field.

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    Teledoc Clone App Development Services

    The online healthcare industry is expanding, and with each and every passing day, more companies are developing in the market. If you want to join this little prolific market, what you need is an innovative telemedicine program that can allow healthcare practitioners to streamline their own specific functionalities and perhaps end-users to conveniently communicate with doctors instead in their chosen specialization.

    NBT specialize in the creation of Teladoc Clone Apps to deliver cutting-edge and efficient telemedicine solutions. Our experienced developers work for ensuring that our software complies with somehow all health sector legislation and provide the consumers with safe and smooth application experience. Call us today for customizing and launching your own scalable telemedicine application solution!

    Key Features Of Teledoc Clone App

    Video Consultations

    Online Video Consultation

    Users should arrange video appointments with their respective physicians on the basis of their availability.

    Clinical Management

    Schedule Appointment For Clinic Visits

    Visits Users can indeed schedule appointments for clinical visits via the application, eliminating perhaps the time wasted waiting in lengthy queues.

    Physician Platforms

    Schedule Appointment ForHome Visits

    Users can recommend that doctors make home visits via the application as per their own convenience.

    Hospital Patient

    Online Payments

    Users can pay easily using the safe payment methods available in the application.


    Check Appointments

    Both customers and physicians can review their scheduled appointments somewhere in the calendar included in the mobile app.

    Urgent Care

    Doctors Listings

    As users browse for doctors mostly with specializations, they actually will be presented with a particular list of some of the doctor profiles which meet their needs.


    Push Notifications

    Both the users and clinicians will be informed of upcoming appointments and some other information through push alerts, emails or otherwise SMS.


    Back-end Panel For Doctors

    Doctors are equipped with a digital website where they can display all the particulars of the consultation, payment records, and more.

    How Online Doctor Consultation App Getting Popular

    Right from the start of Corona virus transmission, the use of telemedicine technologies to access healthcare practitioners has taken place at an exponential pace. Several nations allocate part of the costs of COVID-19 to extend their telemedicine programs to support their population during the global pandemic. Hospitals and private physicians are now taking their internet services as a standard measure to deliver timely medical assistance further to the patients.

    Patients who require daily follow-ups mostly with their physicians to keep their chronic illnesses under control can find these options incredibly helpful. It lets them prevent needless travel at this terrifying time, along with the provision of medical assistance. In addition, people with some of the mild symptoms of further COVID-19 can indeed seek some assistance by telemedicine solutions and carry out further consultations only just if they are infected by it.

    Telemedicine solutions therefore play a key role in disrupting the chain of transmission of viruses and providing urgent medical advice. Several companies are joining this market to earn a large consumer base in a brief span of time. Join them by introducing a comprehensive telemedicine mobile app and helping patients in tough times.

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    Teladoc Clone App Development Solution

    The Teladoc Software Clone technologies of NBT are indeed patient-centric and designed to support remote consultations, Scheduling appointments, minimizing in-clinical visits, instant wellness surveillance, easy access to further the medical records of patients, and otherwise many more. Our application is created by experienced professionals who experience the healthcare sector inside out, ensuring that they conform all to the industry’s regulations.

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    On Demand Doctors Application

    We are developing doctor’s applications for Android, iOS, and perhaps Windows systems, where patients can communicate directly with physicians over some real-time video calls, exchange medical history, and collect automated prescriptions.

    mHealth Apps

    Health Apps

    Our experienced experts are developing state-of-the-art Smartphone applications that can be easily attached and wearable devices to access real-time consumer health alerts. These particular solutions are actually available for now both mobile and even platforms of web.

    Health Monitoring

    Health Monitoring System

    There are automated technologies that inform healthcare practitioners to pay attention further to patients in the event of a medical emergency. The app is combined with smart devices or otherwise IoT devices/sensors for accessing the wellbeing of the user.

    Fitness Apps

    Fitness Applications

    Fitness Apps We create fitness applications that help out the users to predict their health when exercising or engaging in some physical activity. They should be told whenever there is a drastic shift in their particular health conditions.

    Health Records

    Third Party Software Integration

    Electronic Medical Records and otherwise Electronic Health Record applications are easily integrated into our telemedicine solution to allow safe file transfers, smooth sharing of health records and perhaps the communication would also be encrypted.

    Medicine Delivery

    Medicine Delivery Feature

    Our solutions can be applied to the supply of medicines. You may choose to add it into our telemedicine program so that patients can communicate directly to further pharmacists. Pharmacists can view the automated prescriptions of such patients and submit their orders accordingly.

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    Online Consulation Using Teledoc Clone App

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    Online Text Consultation

    Users can communicate to healthcare professionals through the instant chatting feature. They can indeed raise concerns and perhaps share their own health-related information here. Doctors may go through them and provide their help on the basis of knowledge they exchange.

    Clear Voice Calls

    Online Voice Consultation

    Users will immediately talk to physicians using the voice call feature available in the application. It is a perfect way to connect quickly with healthcare providers and to consult with ease.

    Video Consultation

    Online Video Consultation

    Users can arrange appointments mostly with physicians, connect to them via the in-application video calls, and perhaps receive the consultations instantly. They also have a chance to further record some sessions for potential reference.

    How We Provide Best Teledoc Clone App Development Services

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    Healthcare Networks

    Native Mobile Applications

    We are developing robust native apps for Android, ios devices, and perhaps Windows platforms to reach users from all different walks of life.


    Custom Solution

    Our particular Teladoc clones are indeed white-label solutions that allow you to reshape your own branding elements now as per your company needs to actually make you the sole owner of the application.

    100% Customizable

    Fully Customizable

    The applications we create are easily flexible, potentially allowing third-party integrations, updates, and more now as per your company needs.


    Fully Scalable

    Our applications can be open to some improvement in the future as a result of evolving user tastes due to their extremely flexible existence.


    Advances UI/UX

    The application’s UI/UX is indeed intuitive, providing an improved environment for app users. We take the best possible care in developing this aspect of the product as it helps get more customers.


    Global Support

    Our applications support several languages and embrace multiple currency payments, enabling you to start your company globally.


    Fast Turnaround Time

    Our technologies are pre-packaged ready-made items with all the necessary features. You will easily customize and sell it in the shortest possible time.

    No Hidden Charges

    Cost Effective

    Our applications are available at affordable prices and are therefore comparatively poor compared to applications designed from scratch. Nor do they pay any hidden expenses.


    Post live Support

    As significant part of our product creation initiative, we are helping you launch the application on big Smartphone and web app sites. In addition, we also provide post-launch free maintenance assistance for a pretty limited time period.

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    Teledoc Clone Solutions Use

    Medical App-screen-05
    Hospital Management

    Hospitals And Clinics

    Our Teladoc clone application can be used further in hospitals to maintain patient health records, track patients’ health in the real time, and provide immediate assistance if required. They can somehow also be seen in primary care hospitals to minimize the need for in-clinical appointments. This offers a tailored service with patients.


    Doctors & Pateints

    Doctors will virtually communicate with their patients via video calls, minimizing their in-person simple follow-up. It saves particularly a lot of time for both patients and doctors. Patients may also arrange meetings with their physicians on the basis of their easy availability, avoiding the hours wasted waiting in lengthy queues.

    Healthcare Networks

    Healthcare Industry

    Businesses working in the healthcare sector may make use of telehealth technologies to provide reliable and quicker operation. For example, pharmacies can indeed quickly deliver the prescription medicines by specifically referring to further digital prescriptions and simply providing the best customer experience.

    Technology Used



    Our Teladoc application clone is integrated with key features, including those of:

    • Video or Voice Calls
    • In-App Messages
    • Instant Push alerts
    • Sync Calendar
    • Several payment choices

    All of these features now work together to offer better application experience for both physicians and patients.

    Yes, our experienced consultants have a clear knowledge of the regulatory enforcement followed in the healthcare sector. Our platform is compatible with GDPR for the safe handling of personal data. It is indeed an HIPAA compliant, effectively allowing organisations to provide encrypted electronic access further to the patient health data.

    Our production team consists of industry managers, experienced programmers, experienced back-end engineers, qualified reviewers and a competent project manager. They are working together to create a stable and flexible telemedicine mobile app for your enterprise.

    How much does it cost to develop a fully functional telemedicine app?


    The cost of construction varies from project to project, depending on client specifications. It depends on different factors, such as with the particular feature set, the technological stack directly involved, the time required, the size of the production team, and otherwise several more.

    You will talk to our help staff and share your company needs. We will evaluate the above considerations and otherwise share a comprehensive proposal now for your idea.

    Link to our support staff by calling———————, e-mail-————— or via the chat choice available on our own website. They will lead you through the total application creation process, try to resolve your questions, and otherwise help you to further get started immediately.

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