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Social Networking Apps

Since social media has been introduced, people have been able to connect, communicate, and learn across the world. Businesses have discovered a fresh medium for user interaction and communication, thereby aiding in superior user satisfaction and effective brand promotion. We have done numerous Social Networking Apps Development using innovative technologies.


We develop different types of apps and sites

  • Social Networking Apps Development: Similar to Facebook, Twitter.
  • Women’s social networking apps: ‘Women Only App’ designed exclusively for women and customized according to their needs, where women can connect and socialize and share their thoughts.
  • Relationship-based Social Media Apps: To help find singles who are looking for a partner to get into a relationship or go on a date.
  • Dating App Development/ Mobile Dating Apps: Singles, estranged or lonely people can connect via these platforms; know about each other’s preferences, and find a suitable partner to go on a date.
  • Social Media Apps for Friends: These types of apps are a must for a huge group of friends who want to stay connected 24*7 online irrespective of their current physical locations, making their bond even stronger.
  • Career-based Social Networking Apps: These platforms help connect Company recruiters with people who are searching for jobs, this model is similar to ‘LinkedIn

Social Networking App

  • Media Sharing Social Apps: Like Instagram, these apps promote media sharing like audio, video, animation, etc. These apps are designed to handle a large and heavy volume of data as media sharing and storing consume a lot of space on servers
  • Social Media App for forum, blogging, publishing: Forums are online discussion platforms about specific subjects, users can ask questions, put up their views, can take part in discussions with other users. Blogging Platforms are suitable for people who write regular blogs, express their views, and want their opinion to be heard by a larger audience. Blogs can be about specific topics like travel, food, etc or they can be general in nature.
  • Social Networking sites for shopping, consumer reviews: E-commerce websites similar to Amazon, Flipkart where sellers can add their products and consumers can buy these products based on their choices and can leave user reviews about the products they bought.
  • Community App Development: Apps for some specific communities like for a Group of Bikers, Travelers, Animal rescuers, Dancers, etc.


Salient features of our customized Social Networking Apps:

  • Simple and user-friendly UI/UX
  • Push notifications to provide real-time updates
  • Highly personalized user profiles
  • Newsfeed to get activity updates of other members/users
  • Private, public, and group messaging options
  • Multimedia sharing feature: audio, video, image, animation, GIF
  • Live video streaming options to multiple users at a time
  • Latest payment gateways integration like PayPal, Barclay, Paytm, Amazon Pay, etc
  • Integration with other popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Advanced admin panel for content and user management.

Social Networking App

Please connect with us to develop a social networking app for your next project. We do have experienced developers, who are well skilled and expert in developing top-notch social media applications.

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