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    Mobile Apps:Seven Strategies to Promote Them on Social Media Effectively

    Mobile Apps : Seven Strategies to Promote Them on Social Media Effectively

    Amit Shukla

    Social media is a great place to market your mobile app, and too important to ignore if you wish to stay ahead of your competition. To fully take advantage of social media channels for more user engagement and app downloads, you must get creative with your marketing. Almost, 20% of iOS App downloads and 25% of Android app downloads have social networks as their sources. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are particularly exciting platforms to promote mobile apps since more than 80% of their users access them from their smartphones.

    Promote your Apps on Social Networks

    Seven Strategies to Promote Mobile Apps on Social Media Effectively

    For social media promotion, there are some common strategies and some network-specific strategies. Let’s discuss both.

    1. Promote Your App on Facebook

    Use Facebook to run campaigns to promote your mobile app with an interesting story and attractive graphics. Share interesting facts about your app regularly on the official page to let your followers get and share the download link. Offer users promote your mobile app on Facebook access to premium features for free or limited discounts.

    1. Leverage Instagram

    Instagram has become the new world for youth and cool people to hang out, for successful people to showcase their lives. Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads share the same advertising backend, making it easy to coordinate campaigns on both and use the same target demographics. Use carousel or image-player formats to create compelling ads.

    1. Twitter Is Great

    Twitter has its basis in the exchange of ideas and deeply engaging conversations. It is one of the best interactive platforms to acquire loyal users. Share content, update your followers with news, and ask about their experiences with the app. Encourage a dialogue, ask users to Tweet their feedback, run a poll and share the results and use Twitter as a customer service platform.

    1. Influencer Marketing

    People trust influencers they follow. Their fans see them as authentic people and when they share a brand’s product or app, they create a buzz around it. Identify relevant influencers in a niche, show them you’ve got a cool new app, discuss how it benefits them and their audience, work with them to find out a way to promote it. Use sponsored content, or create a video review, show them using the app and let them talk about it.

    1. Use Quora Marketing with Quora Quora is an awesome Q&A platform where you can engage with users directly. Establish yourself as an expert in your area and gently pushing your app. Find a question that’s relevant, answer it using the name associated with your app. Answer must be in-depth and have value, it needs to solve the problem. Find a way to mention your app within your answer. Keep engaging and add value to the community to become more visible.
    1. User-Generated Content

    Turn your end-users into brand ambassadors by leveraging user-generated content where they demonstrate the value of your app to others. Social proof will work as most uses would listen to peer recommendations. It can be a testimonial video or a demonstration video where an advanced user compares your app with others. Encourage users to produce the content with clear goals like building trust, raising awareness levels, or boost conversion rates.

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    1. Common Strategies for All Social Networks
    • Use the “Share” functionality from within the app.
    • Share pushes notifications to people who follow you on social networks.
    • Share the QR code for the app on social media platforms.
    • Hold raffle draws of your premium services and content on social networks.
    • People use social media to learn cool new stuff so, satiate this desire by posting content that educates, informs, and entertains.
    • Show that your app has the answers to their problems and do it in a style.
    • Social media ads account for 49% of mobile app downloads leverage them.
    • Run contests to incentivize people to try your app. Offer free trials or a limited glimpse into premium content.

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