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Ruby on Rails is the most popular open-source web application framework. It’s built with the Ruby programming language. Ruby converts the source code into a language that computers can understand, Rails is a layer on top of Ruby, that helps you build web applications.

Some popular websites use Ruby on Rails:

  1. Github
  2. Shopify
  3. Ask. FM
  4. Kickstarter
  5. Scribd
  6. ConvertKit
  7. Twitch
  8. SoundCloud

Ruby On Rails Experts

What is Ruby?

  • Smalltalk’s conceptual elegance
  • Python’s ease of use and learning
  • Perl’s pragmatism
  • A high-level programming language which is interpreted like Perl, Python
  • Object-oriented like Smalltalk, Java
  • It is easy to learn and implement
  • It is open-source in nature
  • It has the support of many rich libraries
  • Easily extensible
  • It is object-oriented
  • Lesser coding with fewer bugs
  • A large community of developers

What is Rails?

  • It is a web application framework that is highly productive
  • Written in Ruby
  • Faster web application development compared to any other framework.
  • An open-source Ruby framework for developing database-backed web applications.
  • Configure your code with Database Schema.
  • No need to compile the code
  • Other frameworks use code generation from scratch while the Rail framework uses Metaprogramming techniques to write programs. Ruby is built for Metaprogramming and Rails uses this capability very well.
  • Rails use the Active Record framework, which saves objects into the database. The Rails version of the Active Record finds the columns in a DB schema and automatically attaches them to domain objects using metaprogramming techniques.
  • Rails have three default environments: development, testing, and production. Each behaves differently which makes the software development cycle a lot easier.
  • Rails have everything one needs to create a web application, it’s an integrated system.
  • Rails have a default configuration that saves you a lot of work
  • Rails’ ecosystem provides you all tools and applications that you may need during your application development
  • Rails provide fixes, software patches, support, and new features on a regular basis

Our Ruby On Rails Experts provides various services

  • Web and Application servers
  • Agile practices, particularly test-driven development
  • Ruby on Rails Ajax, Testing, Web 2.0 app
  • Ruby on Rails 2.2,3.0,3.1,3.2,4.2
  • Payment Gateway Integration in Rails
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle
  • HTML5/CSS3, XHTML Publishing skills
  • JavaScript & libraries: Jquery, MooTools, Prototype, etc
  • Active record, Merb, Datamapper Frameworks
  • Mootools, Lucene, Solr Technologies

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